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They just want to be friends

Warning. This post is going to be an extreme rant. The biggest rant I have done on the blog. Make sure you are in a comfortable seating position and have a tea before you continue reading.

"They just want to be friends"

If you own a reactive or fearful dog, I know you would have heard this before when walking your pooch. Sometimes it's to your face in a kind tone, sometimes it's aggressive, often it's under their breath as they pass you and also just as often it is paired with training advice on why my dog is like how he is. This comment is back handed, and it honestly makes no sense but boy does it drive me up the wall.

I am not a woman of confrontation. I avoid confrontation at all costs generally. I don't like to complain when eating out, I hate writing bad reviews to companies, and I hate telling people what they are doing is wrong. I am one of those humans that just scuttle pass, trying not to make eye contact. I often have to eat around things I specifi…

Lucky Dog by Dr Sarah Boston

I feel like I haven't done a book review in ages! I go through stages of really loving reading, and will do it in every spare (and un-spare that I make spare) minute and then I won't read again for months. Recently, I got back into reading but it was more crime novels and nothing that I felt related to Daisy Pets. That was until I picked up Lucky Dog by Dr Sarah Boston. The tagline for this book is 'How being a veterinarian saved my life', which really grabbed my attention. If you didn't know, my job goal all my life was to be a veterinarian, right up til 16 when I realised I was not in the top 5% of the population.

The problem I have with book reviews, is trying to give you enough information on my thoughts on the book, without giving away the whole book so you don't want to read it yourself. I believe there is a fine line between this and I am not sure which side I border most of the time. We'll give it a go though.

Sarah writes this in first person prosp…

February Catch Up

How is it already nearly midway through February? I feel like it just became 2018, and already we are flying through the days. I thought I better bring you all up to date on what has been happening for the past month, and what is coming up in the next month.

We have some amazing new products to trial!

The amazing Daisy's Doggy Deli sent us some Bully Sticks and Kawasoothe balm to trial on Diego. These are some of their newest products, and although we are still starting to trial them, so far both Diego and I are fans. The Bully Sticks are a great alternative to the nasty rawhide, and keep Diego entertained for slightly longer than a split second. The pack comes with a heap of them which will last you days, and like all Daisy's Doggy Deli products, they contain no nasties. The Kawasoothe balm is perfect for putting on cuts, scrapes and irritations on your dogs skin. I have used it on Diego for some injuries he got from his dog fight and although Diego did lick a bit of it off, y…

Diego's Reactivity - Backstory and Beginning

Since Daisy, I promised myself that I would get a dog that is friendly with other dogs, is not scared of things and takes the world by storm. Daisy was none of those, although to give her some credit she didn't seem scared of anything as she tried to attack dogs ten times her size, and growl at gang members walking past. Unfortunately, when a living being is in the mix, you can't really decide what you are going to get. You can lead them where you want, but in the end, you cannot tell them how to behave.

Diego as a puppy was inquisitive, but nervous. He would get his haunches up and not go near everyday things like a wheel barrow, a random tree stump and even flowers. As a puppy I spent ages taking him to all these new locations and places to try and encourage him to realise the world isn't scary. I made sure random people and children pet him on the streets. I took him to the beach where there was tonnes of dogs, and lots of noises and smells. He slowly grew out of his ne…