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Copying KayaTheShepherd's Instagram

Hey everyone! I had originally planned to do this as a video, with shots showing Diego and I actually trying to get each photo. Then, right before I went to Fiji I emptied all my SD cards thinking that I had already imported all my videos onto my computer. I hadn't. That means, that instead of video you just get the photos side by side. I hope you laugh as much as I did, and please if you try and recreate these as well, tag both KayaTheShepherd and I.
This attempt was hard! Mainly because I couldn't get Diego's teeth to stick out while in this upside down position. We tried a few times to dry off Diego's teeth to get them to stick, but by the time I had my camera positioned, he had already licked them clear. I could have probably achieved a similar look with Chico in his natural sleeping position, but I couldn't get him to leave his king-sized bed. 

This one was a mess! I thought we would easily be able to do this one with my Fitbit. Ollie is forever rolling on hi…

Interview with Smack Bang Store

If you don't live in Wellington, or live under a rock within Wellington you may not know what Smack Bang is! This store has recently opened up within Wellington City, Tory Street to be exact and it is shaking up the way you view a pet store. Amelia has made the perfect store which is a mix of amazing, top quality pet products and beautiful homewares that makes you wish you had a Pinterest worthy house. Every time I step inside the store I want to spend thousands and re-do my house into a marble, pink and white theme. If homewares aren't your style though, the pet products are wonderful, and are an eclectic mix of products from throughout the world and locally. I got the chance to speak with Amelia and ask her some of the business questions I have always wondered.

What made you originally start SmackBang?
Having always been interested in interior design I had been wanting to open a homewares store for a while. I’ve been in hospitality for the last 15 years and wasn’t enjoying it…

My Fijian Adventures!

Hey! If you didn't know, recently I went on a seven day trip to Fiji, and I have to say it is by far my favourite holiday ever. Although, it was sad to have to leave Diego at home while I was off exploring a whole new country. I thought it would be cool to share a couple of my best stories from my adventure, and some photos of what I got up to! This is all about me though, Morgan, not Diego. So if you are only here for his beautiful face, you'll have to wait until next Thursday. Feel free to catch up on our YouTube channel while you wait hehe.

Barefoot Kuata Island
Instead of just sticking to the mainland for our stay, we decided to spend half the time on one of the many little islands. We chose Kuata for the fact that they offered shark diving and snorkelling, which is also one of the main reasons we chose Fiji out of all the Pacific Islands. I am the most happy with this part of our trip, and I don't think we could have chosen a better island to visit. The staff were inc…

Bully Sticks - Daisy's Doggy Deli

The pet food industry is a strange one where pets healthy nutrition doesn't seem to be the main objective for a lot of the global brands. Pushing out a product that looks and sounds good is enough, and the ingredients are pushed to the side. Actually, why not just add a dog selfie stick to your product and then even more people will want to purchase? Never mind that the nutritional value is next to naught, if not detrimental to your dogs health.

A big thing for the pet food industry is rawhide, although in recent years thanks to social media, it has decreased in sales. Rawhide is the by-product of the leather industry, and if you look at the way it has been created, it doesn't seem like much of a food item at all. If you want more information into it, has a great info-graphic on some of the reasons why rawhide is bad for dogs. The reason people like feeding their dogs rawhide is that it keeps them entertained for a short space of time. Whe…