Copying KayaTheShepherd's Instagram

Hey everyone! I had originally planned to do this as a video, with shots showing Diego and I actually trying to get each photo. Then, right before I went to Fiji I emptied all my SD cards thinking that I had already imported all my videos onto my computer. I hadn't. That means, that instead of video you just get the photos side by side. I hope you laugh as much as I did, and please if you try and recreate these as well, tag both KayaTheShepherd and I.

This attempt was hard! Mainly because I couldn't get Diego's teeth to stick out while in this upside down position. We tried a few times to dry off Diego's teeth to get them to stick, but by the time I had my camera positioned, he had already licked them clear. I could have probably achieved a similar look with Chico in his natural sleeping position, but I couldn't get him to leave his king-sized bed. 

This one was a mess! I thought we would easily be able to do this one with my Fitbit. Ollie is forever rolling on his back whenever you go to pat him so I had always planned to use him for this photo. Unfortunately I learnt that he only does it when close to you, so whenever I moved away to take the photo he would scramble in an attempt to follow me. I did manage to get Diego to do a pretty similar pose, but he wasn't wearing the watch! Please enjoy the following photos where you can see a visible attempt, but no clear winner. P.S there were heaps more of these fail photos, we tried for quite a bit of time to get this shot.

The signature water scenes! I posted Diego's recreation of this when I first had the idea to copy Kaya's Instagram pictures and everyone correctly guessed Kaya right away. I hope that means I done a good recreation. The trouble with these photos is that I only had access to a river, unlike the lake that Kaya had, so therefore I have a bit more background in mine. Otherwise, I think these two came out pretty well and you can see my attempt at trying to get the best angle possible. 

My favourite recreation by far! I absolutely adore this one, and although there are small changes I would love to make to get it perfect, I think we done quite well! My Pikachu toy has his face slightly on the side, instead of the front so had to angle Diego and the toy in a way that it made it look front on. I also spent a long time trying to tire Diego out so that he started panting. The first set of photos I took of him were of his stern face and it didn't quite give the same effect.

Lastly, another Ollie recreation! I tried to train Diego to lay his head down so that we could get this photo, because in all staged photos of Diego laying down he will still have a raised head. I managed to get him to learn the trick of lowering his head, but he would not look happy doing it. When I went up to my sisters, she said that Ollie always lays like that so we decided to use him. Like the previous photos, him doing it always, and him doing it on camera were two different things. We did have him placed on wood like Kaya, but he didn't want to rest his chin at all on the wood. We transferred him to the grass but by this time he was way too excitable and wouldn't participate as well as would have been liked. The end photo is pretty cute though. 

What were your thoughts? Did you have a favourite? I would love to know! I also want to do a few more of these and put in a bit more effort to get the perfect shot, so if you have any accounts you would like us to copy, let me know!

Make sure you follow Kaya the Shepherd on Instagram! Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous!


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