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Interview with Oh My Fluffy Dog

Ever since Oh My Fluffy Dog busted on the scene at the end of 2017, they have taken over the New Zealand Dog Instagram scene. I have fallen head over heels in love with everything about them, their designs, their patterns and the OMFD family. Pretty much every weekend you will see me wearing at least one of their designs as they are the perfect gear to adventure in. Conveniently for us Instagrammers, they are also super cute and really make a scenic shot 100% better.

Lu is the brains behind Oh My Fluffy Dog and also the craziest, self-proclaimed dog mum I have ever met. Since starting Oh My Fluffy Dog we have been in regular contact, discussing everything from her addiction to adding more animals to her family, my love life, and how to make the best Instagram feed possible. I would happily say that she has become a good friend of mine, and one of the many reasons I love being able to connect with people on the 'gram. We discussed me coming to the Christchurch Pet Expo to help with…

Daisy's Doggy Deli - Mega Dog Chews

If you have read my blog before, you probably would know that I absolutely adore Daisy's Doggy Deli. They are a New Zealand based company, Auckland to be exact, that specialises in healthy dog products. They originally started by making dog treats that were all natural, free from preservatives and good for your pooches, and have now expanded into dog walks, pet sitting and a range of shampoos and ointments. I love watching this business grow and seeing what she will come up with next. That's why I was super excited when I saw she launched Mega Dog Chews which are three bully sticks braided together to make one monster chew.

Bully sticks are the natural alternative to rawhide chews. Rawhide is a byproduct of the leather industry, and is actually terribly unhealthy for your dog. Not only is it a byproduct of a company that deals with lots of chemicals, they add more to the rawhide to colour and preserve it. I know personally the first reason I stopped using rawhide was the way …

7 Dog Instagram Accounts I Love

Today, on Instagram, I went on a bit of a tirade. I will admit now that it was probably a bit silly, but the truth in what I said still counts. It is easy to see when someone has fake followers, whether purchased or given from an app, and I think we should all keep an eye out for this kind of behaviour. You could easily say it's not my problem if I don't personally do it, and you could be right, however I think people need to know some of the ways to easily find out whether people have fake followers.
But moving swiftly along. I thought that I needed to combat some of that negativity I spread by sharing some positives. On Instagram, I asked for people to send me and emoji and something good would happen. Now is where the good happens.

So upon writing this I now understand why Wilsy is so fluffy, he is crossed with a Samoyed! Wilsy is the most gorgeous pooch, a shepherd crossed samoyed, and a lot of the time in photos I get him confused with Ollie! His accou…

Boneface Brewery

Winter is the time when you kind of just get stuck at home, freezing in your bed with your dog cuddled up against you. You can't usually go to any cool new spots as they only allow dogs outside and it's either way too cold, or a storm outside. Well, I guess you could go to cool spots, but you would have to know that your poor dog is waiting at home for you to return.

That has all changed for Upper Hutt with Boneface Brewery. This hotspot is an industrial style restaurant where they brew their own craft beer and cook delicious meals onsite. The best part, they allow your dogs to come inside! This place has changed the scene of eating out in Upper Hutt.

I would describe this place as outdoors, indoors. They have re-purposed an old Dunlop Tyre Factory into an open style eatery, where you can see giant vats of beer brewing, as well as a direct view of the chefs making your meal. Most of the factory has retained it's former glory, including a polished concrete floor, open ceili…

March Favourites

I haven't done a favourites in what feels like forever, and frankly it's because we don't try enough different things every month to warrant a favourites post. However, I have decided to make it more broad including walks, events and places so I can share some of the things Diego and I have been up to that don't necessarily need their own post. 
Toy: Chuck-It Balls I think I am late on this bandwagon, everyone has been enjoying them while I looked on from the outside thinking that were over-priced and Diego would destroy. Recently, I found them for $10 at the Mitre 10 in Whanganui, and not letting a deal pass me buy I snapped up a two pack.  Best. Decision. Of. My. Life. Diego is head over heels in love with these balls, they capture and keep his attention and so far I haven't got a destroyed toy strewn across my house. I did let Diego have free reign of them for a couple of days, but after constantly having the ball pushed into my leg and brought to bed I decided …