7 Dog Instagram Accounts I Love

Today, on Instagram, I went on a bit of a tirade. I will admit now that it was probably a bit silly, but the truth in what I said still counts. It is easy to see when someone has fake followers, whether purchased or given from an app, and I think we should all keep an eye out for this kind of behaviour. You could easily say it's not my problem if I don't personally do it, and you could be right, however I think people need to know some of the ways to easily find out whether people have fake followers.
But moving swiftly along. I thought that I needed to combat some of that negativity I spread by sharing some positives. On Instagram, I asked for people to send me and emoji and something good would happen. Now is where the good happens.

So upon writing this I now understand why Wilsy is so fluffy, he is crossed with a Samoyed! Wilsy is the most gorgeous pooch, a shepherd crossed samoyed, and a lot of the time in photos I get him confused with Ollie! His account is run by his wonderful mother, who is on maternity leave and decided to become a crazy dog mum while she is at it. I love their pictures of them adventuring through different locations around Auckland including town, beach and parks. I especially love the amount of wicked graffiti walls they manage to find!

I think you all know how I feel about this account. I absolutely love everything about this company, their dogs, Lu and Tim, the clothes, the hats, the morals behind it (including donating a huge chunk to a range of charities), the ideal of adventures. Everything. I love how they embrace all their followers and purchasers, and how they are happy to share everyone's pictures. They are constantly coming out with new designs, and stuff that I couldn't even dream of being able to create. This is the best up and coming clothing company in New Zealand in my opinion.

Gosh, Cino is a beautiful red border collie cross that competes in agility in New Zealand. Their account is beautiful shots of Cino in a range of different settings, including pictures of him flying over jumps in the agility ring. A beautiful account, showcasing how good it is to own and train with a dog in New Zealand.

This account is probably the most diverse one I follow, in the fact it is an account for a pooch and his bearded dragon friend. I love this account that features both Floki the dog, and Gucci the dragon evenly. The colour scheme is bright and appealing, the photography is quite brilliant. The photos of Gucci always make me giggle, and I am often showing friends at work their quirky photos. This account is definitely one to follow if you want a bit of humour mixed in with your usual feed.

I love this account! Both Murph and Maverick are beautiful golden retrievers brothers from Christchurch. Their account follows their daily adventures, from house to the park. Their mother is super supportive, and has been for a while now, always liking and commenting on our stuff. Her photography has improved ten fold since she has begun the account, and I love seeing Maverick grow up while the photography improves. These two are super cute and I see them only growing ever more popular.

I guess as the name implies, Meela really is a wildcard. She is an absolutely outstanding looking puppy, with what I consider to be a muted rottweiler colouring and steel blue eyes. Her account so far has been watching her grow, and it's amazing to see how she evolves as she gets older. Meela and her parents seem to always be on a new adventure, and are frequently updating their gram with amazing shots of forest and park. They are a brand rep for OMFD, and you can just tell they love their products, and put great effort into the shots they get.

This account is gorgeous. These two huskies are so cute, and Aayla especially is what I consider to be interesting looking. She is more dark than white, and has white patches around her muzzle and eyes giving the appearance of being older than she is. She is actually not even one yet! Their mum is super supportive, funny and you can tell she would be an absolute blast to hang out with. She also has a terrible spending problem on dog products, like myself. I love this account for showing how home life with two dogs is and how can you go wrong with looking at two gorgeous huskies!

Let me know some of your favourite Instagram accounts, I would love to check them out!


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