Boneface Brewery

Winter is the time when you kind of just get stuck at home, freezing in your bed with your dog cuddled up against you. You can't usually go to any cool new spots as they only allow dogs outside and it's either way too cold, or a storm outside. Well, I guess you could go to cool spots, but you would have to know that your poor dog is waiting at home for you to return.

That has all changed for Upper Hutt with Boneface Brewery. This hotspot is an industrial style restaurant where they brew their own craft beer and cook delicious meals onsite. The best part, they allow your dogs to come inside! This place has changed the scene of eating out in Upper Hutt.

I would describe this place as outdoors, indoors. They have re-purposed an old Dunlop Tyre Factory into an open style eatery, where you can see giant vats of beer brewing, as well as a direct view of the chefs making your meal. Most of the factory has retained it's former glory, including a polished concrete floor, open ceilings and old style windows. The seating is a mix of pallet benches and tables, with low seating couches.

The food is amazing, and probably some of the best food I have ever eaten within Upper Hutt. They offer a range of meals from burgers and pizzas, to quirky desserts like deep fried cookie dough. The beer is also a delightful treat, but I can't pretend to be that much of a connoisseur of beer. I have had the pizza, and found it to be one of the best pizzas I have ever had. A great mix of flavours, and they do not skimp on the cheese.

The dogs are allowed inside, with them being allowed to sprawl out around your table. The staff are accepting of dogs inside, but are not overly friendly towards them. This isn't a terrible thing, but if you are wanting someone to tell you how cute your dogs are, this might not be the place. They are accommodating of the pooches though and bring out water bowls for your dogs to enjoy while you drink. One night I went there was about 7 dogs spread across different tables, whereas tonight when we went there was only our three and another two chihuahuas turning up when we went to leave.

I would highly recommend this place as somewhere to visit, and would even go as far as to say that if you live in Wellington you should travel out to the Hutt to experience it. Further afield is welcome to travel too. I know that this is somewhere that I will be frequenting a lot, especially over Winter when I don't want to brave anywhere else that doesn't allow Diego.


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