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If you have read my blog before, you probably would know that I absolutely adore Daisy's Doggy Deli. They are a New Zealand based company, Auckland to be exact, that specialises in healthy dog products. They originally started by making dog treats that were all natural, free from preservatives and good for your pooches, and have now expanded into dog walks, pet sitting and a range of shampoos and ointments. I love watching this business grow and seeing what she will come up with next. That's why I was super excited when I saw she launched Mega Dog Chews which are three bully sticks braided together to make one monster chew.

Bully sticks are the natural alternative to rawhide chews. Rawhide is a byproduct of the leather industry, and is actually terribly unhealthy for your dog. Not only is it a byproduct of a company that deals with lots of chemicals, they add more to the rawhide to colour and preserve it. I know personally the first reason I stopped using rawhide was the way it acted when chewed by dogs. It would turn into a thick glue like product, that wouldn't tear or break and ended up as one soggy piece of chewed rawhide. This meant Diego would either leave it laying around, or try and swallow that whole. I was not about that life. I can happily confirm that bully sticks do not do this, and the bully sticks and mega dog chews from Daisy's definitely contain no chemicals!

So if you weren't already aware, Bully Sticks are made from Pizzle which is a nice way of saying a bulls penis. The thought of Suzanne slaving away at her house, twisting penises into a braid makes me laugh, and thankful that I can buy the finished product off her! Each Mega Dog Chew is handmade/handbraided so each one will come out slightly different but she says they will all be roughly be between 60g - 80g. If the chew doesn't reach that weight, she will include two which I think is an awesome idea and a good way to let smaller dogs try out the chew. 

Suzanne also came up with a genius way of marketing the chews by coming up with the Mega Bully Challenge! This is a challenge where people time the time it takes their dog to get through their dog chew, and it is recorded on a scoreboard. I think this is a fantastic way to get more people involved in the chews, and spreads awareness for the better alternative to rawhide. I got Diego and Chico to take the challenge and you can see the results in the below video. I would love to hear what time your pooch got as well! If you do the challenge, #megabullychallenge on social media to get seen :D 

My opinion on these is that not only are they an awesome, safe alternative to rawhide, they are also a great way to keep your dog entertained for a decent amount of time. If you have a dog that likes to chew, or is high energy, you know that 10 minutes of peace for you, and enjoyment for them is a godsend. Apart from bones, nothing keeps Diego entertained for too long because he has managed to learn the tricks on how to destroy toys, kongs and treats quickly. 

Both Chico and Diego really seemed to enjoy their chew, as you can clearly see in our YouTube video. I was actually surprised that Chico got as involved as he did, as usually he isn't much of a chewer. I think that must mean they have earned high stars from Chico. Even a bone won't tempt him enough to stay still and chew on it. 

Neither dog had terrible breath after this treat, or bad smelling feet. That may sound weird, but I have found a lot of chews leave Diego with stinky paws from where he has held it during chewing. I also appreciated how they can be stored in the fridge for months, so you can stock up on multiple and just give them out when you feel like treating your dog. 

I told Suzanne (if I didn't mention before, she is the mastermind behind Daisy's Doggy Deli and I have interviewed her if you want to find out more) that I planned on doing the challenge, and would be buying a chew to giveaway. She was nice enough to not only encourage our video but to also send us a free one to give away. I want to mention that this hasn't swayed my opinion of the product, if it turned out to be terrible, I would be sending it back to her! However, because they have turned out to be an amazing product, I have decided that the giveaway must go ahead. Below is how you enter the giveaway, and there are multiple ways to enter but you must visit (and like if you want) our Facebook page to open up the other entries. One of them is to read this blog post, so if you have come this far, you may as well enter. 

Mega Bully Stick Giveaway


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