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Diego's Reactivity - Finding his Reward

Hello! I have been doing this series for a couple of posts now, where I update you on Diego's dog reactivity and how we are going with this. You can find the previous posts here. This post is going to be a ramble, and maybe not make sense but I have just come back from a successful walk so wanted to update you all. I do suggest reading those previous posts because none of this will make any sense otherwise.

We have been dealing with this issue for a while now, and I have to be honest, I don't always deal with it the best. After getting help from Lewis, I did start to implement his tactics, but Diego reacting to one single dog would set back any progress I felt like we made. I started to dread walking again, I avoided walks where we might stumble upon a dog, and when we did go out I was always on edge. That's not a great way to feel about something that you used to really enjoy.

I guess I am still actually dealing with the above. It is hard to see progress when Diego can be…

April Favourites

I can't believe it's already into May and I am writing my April Favourites. I feel like this month has gone so fast, but as I look back on my photos from April, I realise I have done a lot. This April was the type of month I wish I had constantly. I posted 7 blog posts, and reached the most views on the blog within a month EVER, and uploaded four videos onto our YouTube channel. I had my father come stay with me for a weekend, my mother for a week and then my sister the following week, finishing off with a weekend in Christchurch. That crazy busyness did mean my gym routine, healthy eating and training/walking Diego was pushed to the side. That's my goal for May is to make it busy, but keep up with the above.

Toy/Treat: Mega Dog Chew
I finally got my hands on Daisy's Doggy Deli Mega Dog Chew, and I loved them. If you didn't see I filmed both Diego and Chico eating theirs, and wrote up an entire review. This chew kept both dogs busy, didn't make any mess, or mak…