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Supreme Pet Foods Guinea Pig Treats

Recently, I have decided to start posting more about Knuckles, my guinea pig. With the passing of his companion BMO, I have realised I now will need to make more of an effort to keep him entertained and hopefully fend off the loneliness that will most likely come on him. I was explaining that on my Instagram account and the lovely Janelle from Liberty Pet Products offered to send me a gift parcel of treats for Knuckles. I was super grateful for this package, as I always am when companies send us stuff to try and enjoy, and was even more stoked when I actually got the package. I filmed my unboxing and Knuckles' first opinion over on this vlog.

Janelle sent us three boxes of small pet treats from Supreme Petfoods which is a UK brand that she imports through her company Liberty Pet Products. Bare in mind that they are just a distribution company so you cannot buy directly through her, however for these products they are stocked at Animates nationwide. I got the Forest Sticks, Woodlan…

Reliving Diego's Third Year

Hey! I am in disbelief on how Diego is almost four. It feels like I only just yesterday that I was putting him into a crate at my house for the first time, and if you follow us at all, you should know that the crate thing didn't last long. Thanks previous boyfriend. But then on the other hand, it feels like I have had Diego forever and couldn't imagine life without him. He is my best friend, and my hot water bottle during these cold months.

I am writing this a week or so earlier than his actual birthday, but I thought I would have a quick recap on what we have got up to in the past year. I love doing these each year at birthdays because it is easy to forget what has happened within the space of one year and I love being able to grow from it and make new goals for the next year.

We finished our second year of #300kmJune where Diego and I walked 300 kilometres within the month to raise money for HUHANZ. This was both extremely hard and extremely rewarding. I didn't raise as …

Cotton Tails Store Skully Wag

Hello! I have been eyeing up the Skully Wag since Cotton Tails Store brought it out, however knowing the toy destroyer that Diego is, I decided it would be a waste of money. There is no point in purchasing a soft toy for Diego when the generally last less than ten minutes, with the squeaker generally destroyed in two. Maegan, the creative and talented lady behind Cotton Tails Store recently came down to Wellington with a bunch of her gear and requested Diego for a photoshoot. As you can imagine, I jumped at this chance for Diego to show off his modelling chops, as well as meeting Maegan.

During the photoshoot, Maegan requested Diego to model with the Skully Wag, which I was a little bit apprehensive about due to the above reasons. I had also been using a ball to keep Diego entertained during the photoshoot so was worried that he would completely ignore the Skully Wag in the presence of the ball. I couldn't have been more wrong. He was infatuated with it right from the start, was s…


Hello! If you don't follow me on Social Media (in which case you should. My Facebook and Instagram) then you would have missed that sadly in the last week BMO has passed away. I came home from work one day and went out to feed them. It was strange when only Knuckles came to the door, and even then, he was a lot more quiet than usual. That is when I noticed that BMO had unfortunately passed away during the day. It comes as quite a shock when you go to do something as normal as feeding them, and find them in that condition. Especially since there was no early signs of anything being wrong with him prior. 
I originally got BMO to keep Schmutz, my mini lop rabbit company. Looking back now I realise that was a strange choice, but I knew I didn't have the time or room for two rabbits so a guinea pig was my more sensible option. The reason they were both named how they were is from an Adventure Time episode where BMO spoke about having to get the Schmutz off his hands. I watched tha…