Hello! If you don't follow me on Social Media (in which case you should. My Facebook and Instagram) then you would have missed that sadly in the last week BMO has passed away. I came home from work one day and went out to feed them. It was strange when only Knuckles came to the door, and even then, he was a lot more quiet than usual. That is when I noticed that BMO had unfortunately passed away during the day. It comes as quite a shock when you go to do something as normal as feeding them, and find them in that condition. Especially since there was no early signs of anything being wrong with him prior. 

I originally got BMO to keep Schmutz, my mini lop rabbit company. Looking back now I realise that was a strange choice, but I knew I didn't have the time or room for two rabbits so a guinea pig was my more sensible option. The reason they were both named how they were is from an Adventure Time episode where BMO spoke about having to get the Schmutz off his hands. I watched that same clip hundreds of times and laughed loudly every time. I have no idea why this scene was so historic to me that I named my pets after it, but there you go. 

As Schmutz grew, the likelihood of him hurting BMO increased and therefore, I separated them and Knuckles came into our lives. Knuckles has always been a pain from day 1, and that's why he is named as such. He is named after the character on Sonic, as Knuckles used to just fly around his cage, scratch and squirm when being held and just be a general pain. As you can tell from that right up, from the start BMO has always been my favourite.

Knuckles and BMO didn't always get on, BMO is always giving Knuckles a haircut. Which is going to be interesting to see if it now grows back out to his long locks in the back, because BMO has kept that nicely trimmed the past few years. At one point, Knuckles even chewed a hole out of BMO's ear which healed perfectly well and never seemed to cause a problem.

Both guinea pigs would be over four years old now, which is about middle aged for a guinea pig who can live between 4 - 8 years according to my friend Google. BMO was also in my life for just over four years, which is a long time to have a creature in your house and no matter how small or insignificant people think Guinea Pigs are, they each have their own personality and traits. I am and was very sad to find him passed away, but am extremely happy for the time I got with him.

Now that Knuckles is all alone, I will not be getting another pig to keep him company but will be making more of an effort to keep him happy and entertained. I have also decided to blog about this process because its how I started this blog, and I think it would be interesting for people to find out more about what it is actually like to own a small pet. Let me know if this would be something you would be interested.

Below are some photographs of BMO from our time together.


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