Supreme Pet Foods Guinea Pig Treats

Recently, I have decided to start posting more about Knuckles, my guinea pig. With the passing of his companion BMO, I have realised I now will need to make more of an effort to keep him entertained and hopefully fend off the loneliness that will most likely come on him. I was explaining that on my Instagram account and the lovely Janelle from Liberty Pet Products offered to send me a gift parcel of treats for Knuckles. I was super grateful for this package, as I always am when companies send us stuff to try and enjoy, and was even more stoked when I actually got the package. I filmed my unboxing and Knuckles' first opinion over on this vlog.

Janelle sent us three boxes of small pet treats from Supreme Petfoods which is a UK brand that she imports through her company Liberty Pet Products. Bare in mind that they are just a distribution company so you cannot buy directly through her, however for these products they are stocked at Animates nationwide. I got the Forest Sticks, Woodland Loops and Gerty Guinea Pig Scrummies to sample.

The Forest Sticks are made with blackberry and chamomile as their chief ingredients and how they have chosen to brand the product. The sticks are made from mainly hay, with oat flour, beans, peas and then the blackberry & chamomile at the end. I absolutely love the smell of these, its a mix between fresh hay and a warm cup of chamomile tea, and it really gives me a warm, wintery feel. Strange, I know. The sticks itself is actually quite sturdy, and kind of reminds me of the texture of bark. Knuckles probably rated these his least favourite as he never rushed to eat them, but would eventually get around to them when he was certain there was no other treats available.

The Woodland Loops are made with dandelion and rosehip and like the Forest Sticks, are mainly made up of hay with the two chief flavours being down the bottom of the ingredients list. I find that these treats look more natural than the sticks, and you can clearly see bits of hay that is still intact in the treat. Knuckles loves these, and would happily crunch down the whole packet if you let him. They are easy for him to break, and the perfect size to give to one guinea pig as a treat.

Finally, the Scrummies are completely different to the other two products. These are multi coloured treats, with each colour representing a different flavour of apple, strawberry, apricot and banana. These treats have no hay in them, and have flour and sugar high up in the ingredients list. This is obviously not the best food to feed your pigs, and would be comparable to junk food in humans. Of course, this means that Knuckles loved these treats to bits. Like mother, like son I guess! I think these treats are super cute, and quirky, but due to the high sugar content I wouldn't feel comfortable feeding them regularly like the other two. What I am going to do is share the box with my aunty who owns a rat as I feel like a rat is more capable of coping with more sugars and I think she will go crazy for them.

When you are thinking of treats for a guinea pig or a rabbit it is definitely hard to find treats that are healthy, not too expensive and your pet actually enjoys. I think both the loops and sticks hit this mark perfectly, and although the scrummies are super cute, I don't think they hit the mark of healthy. I have only one pig, and his daily serving of treats is minuscule at most, so will be rationing the loops and sticks out over several weeks, and sharing them with my friends rabbits as well. I feel like if you have read this far, you probably don't need to be reminded but... Treats should be part of a healthy diet of hay, grass, vegetables and pellets. They should not be your pets only source of food, nor should they take precedence over fresh produce. If you want to know more about how to feed your small pet, flick me a message and I would be more than happy to help you out with any questions.

I definitely think these treats are a welcome change to the treats currently available in pet stores targeted to small pets and I really think these will help benefit many lives of people bonding with their pets. I have found that I mainly use them when I have Knuckles out of the cage as a way of bonding with me and calming him down. He is named Knuckles for a reason and therefore, is generally wanting to run away or scratch me. I have found recently, that with these treats he is less of a psycho and actually calms down when I hold him. This is also a nice change for me since I am used to him being the worst of the two brothers. And of course, Knuckles didn't want to model, and Diego was more than happy to since he believed these were treats for him.


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