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The Road to 7km

Let me just preface this with I am not in any definition of the word a runner. I have never been a runner. I used to hide during sports at school because I didn't want to have to do anything physical. I would often bring my inhaler and pretend that I really needed it so that the teachers would feel bad for me. Although, to be honest, a lot of the time I really did need my inhaler. It didn't really change into teenagehood or adulthood. I started to really love the gym, but I do not do cardio at the gym. If I do, it's some quick HIIT workouts, not a lengthy treadmill run. When I do have to run, it isn't a pretty sight and things don't look smooth like the people you see hit the pavement when out driving.

So. With that being said, I have signed myself up to do a 7km run in November.

I guess you are all as shocked as the people in my life that I have told. I told my best friend and she said 'good luck' in a very sarcastic tone, but when I said I am doing the ru…

Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Hello! I am a huge believer in recycling, and doing what we can to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. In my life it is easy, I have found replacements for plastic bags, I recycled nearly everything, and have compost/Knuckles/Diego for any food scraps. Owning Diego however, is where the bulk of my problem comes in. Dogs are just not environmentally friendly to own! Everything you buy is covered in plastic, or made of plastic, and a lot of stuff just doesn't last long term. I decided to put together a list of dog products or companies that are putting a conscious effort towards being more environmentally friendly. I am not sure if these are obvious, or already known but I love the idea of putting all my knowledge into one blog post. This month I will also be doing a separate blog post on how to deal with dog poo, and another post on human products that are good for you and the environment.

This first one is just a tip, not an actual product but buy stuff tha…

June Favourites

This month I decided to not only write a blog post on my favourites, but also film it. Which you can view here! I have a mixed audience on who likes to watch videos, and who likes to read, and then there are some that like both. Which is awesome because I like creating on both mediums and like the challenge of working out different videos vs posts. June went by super quick, and really, I am writing this nearly a fortnight into July so this year is just speeding by.

Product: Oh My Fluffy Dog Tug Life Hoodie
Of course, I feel like this wouldn't be a true favourites post without the Tug Life Hoodie which I have been living in since I got it. I am the point where my personal Instagram is covered in photos of me wearing this hoodie, but they are from all different days, I swear. This is currently my only sweatshirt that has a hoodie and a pocket, which makes it my staple to grab when I am heading out the door. It is perfect for the gym as it is not too thick so keeps you just warm enou…

Rimutaka Trig Walk

Sometimes you just have bad days, and this day was one of them. It seemed like thing after thing was piling on top of me, and only bad news seemed to arrive within the day. My first reaction was to go home, make some cookie dough and then lay in bed eating that, binge watching YouTube. On my drive home from work, I saw snow on the Rimutakas. It was the first time I had noticed snow on the hills, and although not heavily covered, there was enough for the peaks to be white. The whole drive I kept catching myself staring at the snow, and wishing I had the ability to be amongst it.

I got home, and realised I could be amongst it. This didn't need to continue to be a day of disappointment just because it had started that way. I quickly changed into my Oh My Fluffy Dog tracksuit pants, a thermal, and sweater, grabbed Diego and rushed out the door. The further into the Rimutakas I drove, the more I realised that the snow was not near the road or anywhere I could reach. It was on further p…