The Road to 7km

Let me just preface this with I am not in any definition of the word a runner. I have never been a runner. I used to hide during sports at school because I didn't want to have to do anything physical. I would often bring my inhaler and pretend that I really needed it so that the teachers would feel bad for me. Although, to be honest, a lot of the time I really did need my inhaler. It didn't really change into teenagehood or adulthood. I started to really love the gym, but I do not do cardio at the gym. If I do, it's some quick HIIT workouts, not a lengthy treadmill run. When I do have to run, it isn't a pretty sight and things don't look smooth like the people you see hit the pavement when out driving.

So. With that being said, I have signed myself up to do a 7km run in November.

I guess you are all as shocked as the people in my life that I have told. I told my best friend and she said 'good luck' in a very sarcastic tone, but when I said I am doing the run with someone else, she was more than complimentary to that friend. My mother and sister were very supportive, as they always are, but then again, I don't know if they realised what I look and sound like running.

I do have four months to train. I will be fine.

I went for my first run, and took Diego along. I managed to run for a solid 2.44 minutes before my heaving breath and sore legs had to stop. Not the best start. Diego didn't even break a pant, and we were at a speed where he had to fast walk, not run.  I then walked for less than 2 minutes before trying to run again, this time I just hit 2 minutes. From here I decided to do 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off until I couldn't cope any more. I only managed four rounds, and I made it home feeling like I was going to vomit. Once again, Diego didn't even break a pant.

Really, I can only get better from here. Now knowing my base level, I can make a plan on how to improve and learn to run 7km non stop within 4 months. Also, I think it's good for Diego. He can build up his running stamina at the same time as me, and soon we will both be fit running beans.

I have now gone on my second run, and learnt that breathing isn't the only problem I have ahead of me. I got cramp in my calf. Who knew that your calf muscle could feel like this? It feels as though the calf is too short for the shin, and my body is stretching it out beyond it's limits. It started during the run, and I wrongly assumed it would leave after I finished.

Once again, it can only get better from here. I am hoping to make a series of this, mainly to keep myself accountable but also I feel like it might help some of you out there who are wanting to take up running. Or any goal that seems unachievable at this current stage of time.

I've set my goal up, I know what I need to achieve, in what timeframe and have started to set smaller, incremental goals in order to make it more achievable. I am going to build up to 7kms with a mixture of walking and running, then slowly lower the times running until it all merges into one. Or that's the current hope anyway.

I have hopefully kept you motivated through this post by adding photos of Diego pretending to be running with me. These are blatantly not taken on either of my current two runs.

If any of you have any running tips, I more than need them!


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