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Sourcing Meat for Raw Feeding

Hello! This is part 2 in our Raw Feeding Series that Nicole from WildCardMeela writes. If you haven't read the introduction post, quickly head over there and then come back to read this one! 

Now, one of the biggest blocks people have when approaching raw feeding is the price tag that comes with it. While it can be pricey and cost you more than an arm and leg, it can also be economical if you know where to go and what to buy to best suit your situation and your pooch. While meal prep day is the moment you put your hard work into little individual plastic containers, the prep should start a few weeks prior.
One thing you need to be aware of when raw feeding is the parasites that may potentially be living in the meat, particularly in the offal. When we as humans prepare and eat meat, we usually kill these parasites during the cooking process, hence why we often don’t give worms inside our lambs fry a second thought (Morgan joining in to say that eating worms out of lamb sounds grotes…

Kong Genius Leo

Hello! If you have followed our blog, or social media at all, you would know that we are a big fan of using toys that will prolong the time it takes for Diego to eat his breakfast. Over the past few years we have gone through a good number of toys, and tried a range of different types of the toys available. The Kong Genius Leo is similar to a few toys that we have tried in which you put the treats inside of the toy and they have to work them out. However, the difference is in the shape of this toy and this adds more of a challenge for Diego to earn his breakfast. We got sent this toy from Animates in July of last year, but have only just started using it more religiously within the past few months. That is not due to the toy itself being inadequate, more due to me not understanding how to best use this toy.

The Kong Genius Leo is made out of the same rubber that you would be used to seeing from the traditional Kong, however I believe it could potentially even be a tougher version of t…

My Dog has a Better Diet than Me!

Ah, Raw Feeding. One of the biggest controversies of the pet food world. For anyone reading this I want you to know I am not saying any one way of feeding is better than the other. At the end of the day I firmly believe that what’s best for your dog is what works best for them as an individual, and what you can provide. I am just writing to share my experience and the reasons why we chose to feed raw. With everything dog, and I guess life related, I encourage you to do your own research and make your own informed decisions. This series can be part of such research but is not intended to be your complete source of information.  Before we get into all the raw details, let me first introduce who has  put together this series. As you may know, I personally feed Diego Orijen food, but have always taken an interest in other types of food options. I was watching some Instagram stories and came across WildCardMeela showing her raw food prep. This instantly got my attention, I asked a few mor…