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JeddyBears Tugs & Toys Dog Coats

Hello! During Winter, Diego would have free reign of the house and backyard but my house could lose heat very quickly. Diego sleeps overnight under the covers in my bed, so during the day I was worried that he might be getting cold. I had a couple of worries for dog coats though, I didn't want it to affect his movement at all. I needed it to be close fitting to his body so that he can curl up, run outside, do dog things without the coat impacting his movements or being caught on other things. If he were to get caught, I wanted something that would easily detach so that he isn't caught on something for the full day.

I was laying this out to Mady from TheDustyDingo who suggested her wonderful sister from JeddyBears Tugs & Toys could whip something up custom for Diego and I. All she needed was Diego's measurements and within a fortnight Diego was rocking this awesome new coat, for a deal of a price as well! I won't mention the price in this blog post as I am not 100% …

Clark & Co Shampoo and Perfume

Hey! The great thing about Facebook is the people you can connect with, and the random pages you can join that are filled with people that have the same common interest as you. One of those pages is a Girls in Business page, and that's where I first met the creator behind Clark & Co Petware. She was lovely enough to send me some of her Shampoo & Conditioner as well as some pet perfume to try out. This couldn't have come at a better time as Diego was well overdue for a wash!

I am going to start with the pet perfume because honestly, I can describe the scent better. Also I should probably mention, not only am I terrible at describing scents, I also have a very sensitive nose and therefore hate a lot of scents. If I say I hate it, I guarantee most other people will like it. We were sent the 'Warm Musk' version which is aimed towards male dogs. Their other perfume scent is 'Vanilla Pod' which you guessed it, is aimed at female dogs. Really though, what they…

Eco-Friendly Ways of Disposing of Dog Waste

Hey! This post came about due to the Plastic-Free July movement, and was originally meant to be written in July but we can see how well that went. Although, it could be a good thing as it keeps eco-friendly and plastic free at the front of our minds. I think disposing of dog waste has to be one of the biggest struggles I have had with retaining a plastic free lifestyle. Dog waste is not something that we really want to spend too long touching or dealing with, so therefore it doesn’t come up in our minds very much either. Let me be honest in saying, that I haven’t really found the perfect answer yet, but have found some options that I don’t absolutely hate. 

Dog waste at the home is the easiest to deal with, comparative to that that occurs on dog walks. There are multiple options, and most of them are not too disgusting or time consuming. 
What I used to do, and what I feel like lots of families do is use one supermarket plastic bag and use it until it is filled up. This does mean tha…

September Book Club

I love a good animal themed book, and have done a few book reviews in the past. Instead of doing an individual book review for each, I decided to put two of my most recent reads into one post. It is always hard for me to write book reviews because for one, I am not an English major so cannot give you any good answers on how a book is written, and two, I don't want to give too much information away. I am still unsure of how much is too much to ruin a book, and how much is too little that it doesn't interest people. I hope I have found a medium, but I am really not sure. I also apologise in advance for my lack of personal photos. I did take them, but with the breakdown of my Macbook, I have been unable to get them off of my camera. Hopefully, i'll be able to get that fixed in time for my next post.

The Elephant Whisperer | Lawrence Anthony

I don't know if you know, but all my life I have wanted to travel to Africa. I wanted to travel to Africa before I even realised it wa…