Clark & Co Shampoo and Perfume

Hey! The great thing about Facebook is the people you can connect with, and the random pages you can join that are filled with people that have the same common interest as you. One of those pages is a Girls in Business page, and that's where I first met the creator behind Clark & Co Petware. She was lovely enough to send me some of her Shampoo & Conditioner as well as some pet perfume to try out. This couldn't have come at a better time as Diego was well overdue for a wash!

I am going to start with the pet perfume because honestly, I can describe the scent better. Also I should probably mention, not only am I terrible at describing scents, I also have a very sensitive nose and therefore hate a lot of scents. If I say I hate it, I guarantee most other people will like it. We were sent the 'Warm Musk' version which is aimed towards male dogs. Their other perfume scent is 'Vanilla Pod' which you guessed it, is aimed at female dogs. Really though, what they are aimed at doesn't really matter and it's a human preference for scent anyway. Here comes me trying to describe the Warm Musk scent... I would say it is like a woody incense smell. It is super strong, and one spritz will go along way!

The perfume can be used in multiple ways, with the common options being straight onto your dogs fur and brushed through, or my preferred option which is spritzing it onto your dogs bedding, coats and areas to make them smell nicer. I prefer Diego's body to be pretty neutral in regards to scent due to me having to sleep with him, and my distaste to most smells. That's why I decided not to spray it directly onto him. However, I sprayed all of his dog bed, blanket (Not that he uses these very often) and coat. I maybe spritzed a couple on his bed, couple on his blanket and one on his coat and that was enough to make our house smell nice for at least a week afterwards. It's been over a fortnight now since I originally spritzed his bedding, but still when I move it or get close you can smell the nice scent. This is such a good thing because dog perfumes I have tried in the past generally wear off within a day, or start to smell strange after a length of time. If I am being honest, this smell actually ages really nicely and smells better the more 'worn in' it is.

Funny story, I took the perfume up to my mums house as there are always complaints about the wet dog smell that Ollie brings into the house. I told her to use it on the bedding, her top sheet that Chico lays on, his coats, pretty much anything the dogs have ever looked at, I told her to spritz. A worker came over to the house to measure some lights up, and I went out to take the dogs for a walk. When I returned, the scent slammed me in the face when I walked through the door. My mother obviously missed the memo I gave her about a little going along way, and COATED EVERYTHING in the perfume. You couldn't smell a thing but a woody incense. The best part, the man had to come back to give her some paperwork and I was certain it looked like she put the scent around to show him her house as more appealing.

Now to the shampoo, we were gifted the Sensitive version of their 2 in 1 formula as I told her about how Chico has flakey skin and I was going to be trialling it on him. I cannot for the life of me tell you what this smells like, but what I definitely know is that I like it. I have a dislike to the smell of most dog shampoos, I find they make me very queazy so to find one that I actually enjoy the scent of is a big deal. Also, the scent while washing, and when on Diego is pretty consistent and doesn't leave too much of a lingering smell that is overwhelming on the dog. This is a big bonus to all us sensitive to smell people! I checked the Clark & Co site and still couldn't find a description of the scent, so you are going to have to just trust my word on this that it isn't bad!

I love this shampoo. It is super easy to use as it's in a reasonably sized bottle, with a pump that is the right sensitivity level that you can press down with ease while holding a dog that wants to leave the shower, but also not too easy to press that when it gets hit over it leaks liquid. You do not need more than a pump to give a good lather which means it lasts a long time too. I have washed Diego twice; and Ollie and Chico once and the bottle looks more than 3/4 full! The most important part is that it cleans them, and I find that it does. We washed all the dogs after a beach trip where both Diego and Chico decided to roll in a goat carcass, which trust me is not a scent you ever want to smell. The shampoo worked a treat and both dogs smelled as good as new! It also left both dogs with glowing, soft coats and Chico had no flakey skin or dandruff.

All in all, I will definitely be purchasing the shampoo again and is something that I would recommend to people looking for a good, local shampoo. The perfume is lovely, but is somewhat of a luxury and not something that I believe everyone needs. The good thing is though, that one bottle would last you a lifetime as you need to use very little to get good payoff. I will continue to use the perfume on Diego's bedding as it works a treat for that, and who knows, maybe once it does run out I will realise how much I need it. The price point that both these products stand at is very reasonable for how many uses you will get, and how effectively they work. I have to admit I don't usually go for a liquid shampoo because of how messy they get, how easily the run out and the plastic element, however this shampoo from Clark & Co removes two of these problems for me.

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried these products!


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