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Hello! During Winter, Diego would have free reign of the house and backyard but my house could lose heat very quickly. Diego sleeps overnight under the covers in my bed, so during the day I was worried that he might be getting cold. I had a couple of worries for dog coats though, I didn't want it to affect his movement at all. I needed it to be close fitting to his body so that he can curl up, run outside, do dog things without the coat impacting his movements or being caught on other things. If he were to get caught, I wanted something that would easily detach so that he isn't caught on something for the full day.

I was laying this out to Mady from TheDustyDingo who suggested her wonderful sister from JeddyBears Tugs & Toys could whip something up custom for Diego and I. All she needed was Diego's measurements and within a fortnight Diego was rocking this awesome new coat, for a deal of a price as well! I won't mention the price in this blog post as I am not 100% sure how she works out costs, and whether or not different fabrics or sizes will make the coat more expensive. All I can say is that these are the most reasonably priced coats I have found, that are made to measure and you have a choice in fabrics!

I got Diego's coat in this awesome tie-dye print which makes Diego look all sorts of flamboyant. I love it. The coat is attached by a large velcro strap under his belly and around his neck. This makes it super easy to get on, and off. Due to it also being made to measure, it sits snuggly along his body and hasn't yet been caught on anything or pee'd on! Big bonuses for that. The fabric is polar fleece, and is either two or three layers (I will get to it soon how I know there are three layers in some). This makes it super warming, but still easy to clean.

Mum loved the look of Diego's so much that she wanted one for Chico as he is always on the lookout for new coats. Once again, the wonderful JeddyBears Tugs & Toys whipped up an amazing coat using Chico's measurements. For Chico's coat they made it with a snood design, instead of velcro around the top making it keep his neck and ears a lot warmer.

Diego's coat has been washed and dried once in the few months he has had it because he is not super dirty. Chico's has been washed a few more times, but both have kept their shape, size and colour as if new. I can't confirm this would be the case forever, but they have definitely lasted well in the few months that we have been using them.

Chico definitely feels the cold more than Diego, and will make it known multiple times if he feels like you are not appreciating that he is cold. Due to this, we know what keeps Chico warm and what doesn't do the trick. Thankfully the JeddyBear Coat passes the Chico test of approval, as he doesn't constantly complain of the cold when he is wearing his coat. Chico loves to destroy things though, and as you can see, decided to chew the coat right off his own back. He has random bursts of energy where he will chomp whatever is closest to him, this could be a blanket, pillow, book, cord or even the coat he is wearing. This hasn't affected how warm the coat is, but it has made it look less presentable.

All in all, I love these coats so much and am tempted to buy more in different prints! For the price, and the fact that she custom makes them, she does an incredible job. I have even had people in the street come up to me to ask where they are from because Diego and Chico look so good in theirs. 10/10 would recommend if you are on the hunt for a dog coat to check her out!


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