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Kong Aqua

Hey! Kong is a company I really have loved over the years, starting with Daisy when I was a lot younger, and really growing with Diego and his ability to destroy lots of toys. Kong has also grown in their range since I first knew about them with Daisy, but have tried to keep their traditional shape with some of their newer products. The Kong Aqua has taken on that traditional shape, but completely switched up everything you already knew about Kongs.

I got my Kong Aqua from Mitre 10 for only $10!! Also, if you have never seen me talk about Mitre 10, or haven't witnessed it for yourself then you need to listen here. I have found so many good, random deals on dog toys at Mitre 10, like this Kong Aqua that usually retails a lot higher than that price. I also got a great deal on ChuckIt balls. I often walk passed and see good deals on other Kong and ChuckIt products as well, so if you are on the look out for cool new toys, don't forget to check Mitre 10. Often they are random versi…

Auckland Experience

Hey guys! If you didn't gather from the Auckland Pet Expo Haul post, I recently went to Auckland. It was a whirlwind of a trip, with me taking an overnight bus on the Friday night from Wellington to Auckland and then taking the reverse bus trip home on Sunday night. Let's just say that my bus ride to Auckland was eventful, and my sleep was not the soundest. On the way home though, I slept like a log and hardly remember going through any of the cities. P.S If you are here for the photos, they are all at the bottom of this post as there was too many to put between paragraphs!

Day 1
The wonderful Holly who owns AdventuresofBosch not only let me crash in her spare bedroom on Saturday night, she also drove me around in her cute wee car, so she was the first friendly face I got to meet in Auckland when she picked me up from the bus stop. It's funny meeting people in real life when the only connection you have with this person is you both talking to each other through pictures of…

Dog Friendly: Pukekura Park

Hey! This post is going to be another dog friendly dog walk in New Plymouth from our weekend trip back at the start of October. We firstly wrote about Lake Mangamahoe, and our whole New Plymouth trip is on our Youtube channel which features this walk in video format!  As I said in the last post, New Plymouth walks are beautiful, and I find it so awesome that they there is so many walks and parks that allow dogs. It is a city that I think other cities should thrive towards, which balances the beauty of their city, with the lifestyle of the inhabitants and their pets in the city. If you want to see the photos, there are far too many at the end of this post!

Pukekura Park is 128 acres of gardens, sports fields and beautiful flowers just outside of the city in New Plymouth. This park is home to Womad, as well as TSBs Festival of Lights every year. Year round there is also a tonne of things within this space to keep everyone in the family entertained from sports events, specialty flower ga…