Auckland Experience

Hey guys! If you didn't gather from the Auckland Pet Expo Haul post, I recently went to Auckland. It was a whirlwind of a trip, with me taking an overnight bus on the Friday night from Wellington to Auckland and then taking the reverse bus trip home on Sunday night. Let's just say that my bus ride to Auckland was eventful, and my sleep was not the soundest. On the way home though, I slept like a log and hardly remember going through any of the cities. P.S If you are here for the photos, they are all at the bottom of this post as there was too many to put between paragraphs!

Day 1
The wonderful Holly who owns AdventuresofBosch not only let me crash in her spare bedroom on Saturday night, she also drove me around in her cute wee car, so she was the first friendly face I got to meet in Auckland when she picked me up from the bus stop. It's funny meeting people in real life when the only connection you have with this person is you both talking to each other through pictures of your dogs, however I instantly connected with Holly. To be fair, and maybe this is just my thoughts, but I felt like we had been friends forever and instantly starting joking, laughing and having serious chats about Lightroom editing. We met up with Jess and Oakley.Springer for a walk at Muriwai Beach, where majority of my Auckland photos are from.  I loved shooting two very different dogs to the ones I own and usually photograph. It was an awesome walk, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to explore a whole new area, and beach I had never been to before.

Later that same day, I tagged along with the Oh My Fluffy Dog crew to an Instagram dogs meet up in Auckland where I met heaps of dogs that I had only ever seen in photos. It was cool to finally connect humans to these 'dogs' that I have talked to a lot over the past few years of being a pet blogger. I finally got to meet Daisy and Suzanne from Daisy's Doggy Deli which was in fact a highlight as we have been working together for a year or so online! It was just as cool to meet everyone else as well, and just to be surrounded by tens of dogs in their element. You can tell this group of dogs and their people meet up a lot because all the dogs seemed to know each other, and would get excited when one of their friends showed up.

Day 2
Holly made me a delicious breakfast, and then we headed straight to the Pet Expo for a day at the OMFD stand. I took no photos, and never once got out my goPro on this day. It was hectic at the stand and I spent every moment either hanging out with the dogs, or talking about how great the brand is to people walking by. It was such a cool day, and I really loved being back in the expo vibe of things, and this time on a much bigger scale than Christchurch. I was proud of how well OMFD done, and the amazing feedback they got about their products. I just want to do expos all the time now! I think I need to make a brand so that I can attend them with my own stall!

All in all it was a wicked adventure, and I am so glad that the FOMO got the best of me so that I booked this trip. I haven't really properly explored Auckland so it was cool to go to some new spots, and see new sights while meeting a bunch of fantastic people! I will for sure be back, and maybe next time I will bring Diego :)


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