Auckland Pet Expo Haul

Hey! This last weekend I went up to Auckland, to not only head to the Pet Expo, but to also meet up with a bunch of Instagram friends that I have made over my time blogging. There will be a blog post all about my Auckland experiences next week if you are interested in hearing more about my actual trip. For today, I am going to be sharing a haul of products I purchased while up there. Let's start by saying that I was very well contained with my credit card while up there, and did not buy nearly as much as people probably expect. To be fair, I did over spend at the Christchurch Pet Expo, and I still have the Wellington Pet Expo next month so maybe in total I will have over spent.

With that in mind, let me show you what I did pick up, which is mainly freebies

Eeek! Ever since I first received the shampoo from Clark & Co, I have been obsessed with this company. Well they made it one step better by introducing Pet Pops to their line, which are meat gravy that you can either feed on top of their food, or frozen as an ice block. This is such an innovative idea, and something I really like the sound of with Summer coming up. I was a pain and asked for a mixed box of flavours so I can sample them with Diego, plus show you all the range of flavours, but you generally buy a full box of either of the four flavours! I will be doing a comprehensive review of these within the next month! We also got the Vanilla Pod Pet Perfume because I had heard such amazing things about this scent, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! I am obsessed and have started using it on my own clothing as a perfume because it smells delightful. Even my best friend asked what the nice smell was since she was used to my house smelling like dog! 

Forage NZ Rabbit Treats 
My best friend had shown me this Facebook page a few months ago of the cutest, and healthiest treats for rabbits/guinea pigs that are made here in New Zealand. Since then, I have been following their posts closely and dreaming of buying some stuff for Knuckles. To be fair, we also both write for Pet Life Magazine which I didn't know until the Pet Expo. I picked up Binky Balls, which it turns out, my grumpy pig doesn't like, so they are going straight to my best friend for her two rabbits since they love them. I also got a Willow Bliss Twist and a toy made of branches. I am hoping Knuckles will like these as he is needing some more enrichment in his life now that BMO has passed away. I will definitely be needing to do a review on these once we have tried them out!

Wild Dog NZ Slip Leash
I have always been one of those people that think slip leashes were unnecessarily cruel and that you shouldn't use these with dogs. That was until I saw Sam from BalancedK9, who owns Wild Dog with his wife, work with Milo from Oh My Fluffy Dog. The changes in his reactivity were amazing, and within a few minutes he looked like another dog. I know this was more to do with Sam's training methods, and wonderful demeanour, but it also showed the positives of slip leashes. Sam showed how to use them correctly so that they are not a painful tool, and will happily help with dog walking. Once correctly taught, most dogs will not really get a tug from it as they will be walking by your side. So of course, I had to buy one in green as this is one of my favourite colours, and it looks spectacular on Diego! I also wanted to buy some of their collars, but I contained myself as I honestly don't need any more collars.

Dirty Paws Soap
Soooo... I tried to find this companies website, no such luck. I tried to find the actual company name in case it wasn't Dirty Paws Soap, also no such luck. I have found that it is stocked on a range of gifting websites, which are stocking a range of different products, not just this. If you are interested, you can probably buy it off those sites, otherwise I have no idea where to link you to.
I have a hard time finding dog soap that my nose actually likes, I am such a picky person in regards to scents and I have yet to find a solid soap form that I like the smell of. I use Clark & Co Shampoo now as my liquid form, but sometimes I do just want a solid form. This one smells amazing in block form, and was a steal at 2 for $10 at the expo! I haven't tried it on Diego, so I don't know how well it does, or if the smell works once on the dog, but it is a promising start.

Omega Plus Salmon Oil
As always, I purchased the Omega Plus Salmon Oil at their expo special of 2 for $30. This is such a good deal that for the past two expos I have purchased this deal. Diego thrives on the oil, and I find it makes his food a lot more appetising since he eats the same kibble all his life. Unfortunately, their shipment hadn't arrived in time for the expo so they have had to post these bottles out to me so hopefully will receive them within this week!

Now for the freebies, I got a few food and treat samples like I do from every expo. To be honest, I grabbed these since they were free, not necessarily because I needed to try these products. I am happy with the Acana food sample as it is a fish version and I am actually thinking of changing Diego onto this product. Generally with the sample treats, I use these for trick training as they are the perfect little size to use as these and I don't like changing Diego's main kibble too much. The Butch Dog Roll I am going to cut into little pieces and then freeze so that the treat lasts a bit longer, and doesn't turn to mush in my treat bag.


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