Auckland Pet Expo

Hey! If you haven't realised it yet, I get FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) super easily. I have been to the Wellington and Christchurch Pet Expos but I didn't like the idea that I may be missing out on the biggest pet expo in the country, the Auckland one. I had checked flights multiple months ago when Lu from Oh My Fluffy Dog told me that they were going to do the Auckland expo, but the prices even then were not that cheap. I kind of gave up on the thoughts of going to that, and let it go.

Once I turned 24 I decided to do more with my life, say yes to more things and really make the most of my current ability to travel, explore and enjoy without worry of money, children, or other boring commitments. I finally went snowboarding like I have been wanting to for the past ten years of winters, I booked a trip to New Plymouth to take my mum on a weekend getaway which has been on my 'yearly goals' list for the past few years. Another thing I have had on my list for the last few years is to meet up with Auckland Instagram dogs and their owners.

About a week ago, I decided to check out the overnight busses up to Auckland, and what do you know, I booked a quick trip to Auckland for the expo. I have two 11 hour bus trips, a full day of working at the OMFD stall at the expo and at least three dog walks/meet ups within a 58 hour time span. But I am super excited to meet all these people that I have been interacting with for years, and to pat hundreds of dogs! Hopefully I can keep my wallet in my pocket at the actual expo.

Speaking of shopping at the expo, I thought this would be a great chance to share the stalls of my friends, and products I use that you can check out at the Auckland Expo. There is a whole list of exhibitors that are attending the expo, so I am excited to also check out some new products and companies on top of the ones below.

Oh My Fluffy Dog
Could I do a list of exhibitors without talking about OMFD, especially since I will be at their stall all of Sunday! So if you have ever wanted to meet me, or the wonderful family behind OMFD, now is your chance Auckland. Like the Christchurch Expo, Oh My Fluffy Dog is bringing out a range of new products specially for the expo. The first is the bandana that you can see featured in my recent vlog. It is made out of canvas and is the strongest bandana I have ever used. It can withstand all sorts of conditions that your dog might get into, stays in place and most importantly, looks amazing! This comes in two different colourways. Another cool thing about this is that you can get a scarf for yourself to match! Nothing beats being able to accessorise with your dog, and OMFD has been doing a marvellous job at this. They are also releasing new shirts, which I haven't yet tried, but look cute with both a male and female version. On top of those awesome new releases, they will be also stocking a lot of their other stock that you have seen and love including their dog tags that Diego and I got matching. By the way, OMFD online store is closed while they are attending the expo, it'll be back live on the 15th of October.

Bow Wow Boutique
Bow Wow Boutique was my first company I ever purchased from for Diego that wasn't just a boring, generic pet shop brand. I fell in love with them, and due to their high-quality products have continued to be in love with them ever since. These collars are the only ones that mum uses with Chico now, although he bloody well lost the most recent one I got for him! Alex choses only the best fabrics, and hardware for her collars and leashes and prides herself on their quality. I have never had an issue with her products rusting, breaking or peeling. If you want a customised collar and leash set, I definitely recommend checking her out! I am so excited to see her again, but every time I go near her stall I feel the need to purchase more products, so it is kind of a dangerous scenario to be in.

Clark & Co Petcare
Recently, we were lucky enough to be sent out some Clark & Co Petcare Shampoo and Perfume, which I did actually do a review on. I haven't yet met the lovely lady behind this business but I am excited to meet her and see how she sets up her stall. Her products are beautiful, smell good and actually clean your dog which is a huge plus when you are buying shampoo.

Omega Plus NZ
I love Omega Plus and their awesome fishy products. I think every expo I have purchased some more Salmon Oil to top Diego's meals with as they have had GREAT discounts on their products for the expos. Omega Plus products have made both Diego and Chico's coats look far more glossy, they don't have flakey skin anymore and they both feel super soft. I put a lot of the credit for these great coats into the Salmon Oil, highly recommend.

Orijen NZ
Orijen has been the food I have been feeding Diego since the day I got him. I remember researching Orijen when I owned Daisy, and wishing that I could afford to feed her such a high-quality kibble. At that stage of my life I couldn't afford it, so once I got Diego I made sure to put this as a priority. He has had Orijen for 95% of his life with me, apart from when we tried out Black Hawk food for a while. Orijen has always sat better with him than other kibble, so I reverted back to it. They often have great expo discounts at their stall, but it is also a great chance to talk one of their very knowledgable and lovely sales reps as well to find out more information.

I hope to see you all at the expo, if you do see me, please approach me and say hi! I don't bite and I honestly want to meet each and every one of you!


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