Dog Friendly: Lake Mangamahoe

This last weekend, my mother, Chico, Diego and I went away for a quick weekend getaway to New Plymouth. I had never been to New Plymouth before, but had heard good things about how dog friendly it was up there. We drove up on Saturday morning and drove home on the Sunday afternoon. I did vlog the whole event, and that vlog will be live on our YouTube on October 15th. For now though, I thought I would write blog posts about the places we went, so that if you want to go to New Plymouth with your dogs, you have some ideas of where to go!

We were driving along and I saw the entrance to Lake Mangamahoe, and the entrance really dragged me in. I wasn't planning on stopping off here, but wanted to have a quick explore. Never did I expect how beautiful it was, and it was the perfect way to start our adventures in New Plymouth.

We stopped off at the first carpark area where there was a bathroom. Instead of driving further down, we just stumbled upon a walk we found near this entrance. Turns out we were heading to the lake lookout, which was incredible! Nothing beats coming out of the car after 4 hours of driving, to go for a quick 5 - 10 minute walk up hill to look at a lake view. Even the walk up to the lookout was beautiful, filled with wonderful trees and native plants along the walk.

From there, we headed around the lake a bit more, pointing out beautiful trees, blossoms and flowers along the way. I loved the copse of trees along the lakeside, where there was a family photoshoot going on. Those photos are going to be amazing, I bet you! We came upon a little jetty that was gated off where we got to look at the ducks, geese and swans. These photos look like my mum is enjoying a zen moment, doing yoga and meditating but she is actually loving the ducklings swimming past.

We done a walking loop back to the car after this, and decided to drive the length of the road in the area to see what else there was. There was an awesome spot where you could drive up your horse float, set up your horse and go riding into the forest. There was a whole side of the park that was dedicated to horse riding. The other side of the lake was dedicated to mountain biking and looked like a fantastic track to whiz down. There were lots of fisherman along the lake edge, as well as people enjoying picnics in the sun.

Here are the facts:
- Leashed dog walk
- Dogs allowed around the lake, and the mountain biking side. I believe they were not allowed in amongst the horses.
- Dogs are not allowed to swim in the lake!
- Walks range, you can do the quick 15 minute lookout walk, or walk the full length of the lake which can take up to a couple hours.

I would definitely recommend this walk to everyone in the area. I really want to go back again to do the full trail around the lake, maybe even bring a picnic to enjoy lakeside. It was a beautiful day, but even then, due to the size of the area, it didn't seem like there were too many people around. We came upon a couple of dogs but they were all well-behaved and on-leash. That is what I like to see! Trust me, my vlog footage shows off this beauty even more so you will want to make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss that vlog! 


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