Kong Aqua

Hey! Kong is a company I really have loved over the years, starting with Daisy when I was a lot younger, and really growing with Diego and his ability to destroy lots of toys. Kong has also grown in their range since I first knew about them with Daisy, but have tried to keep their traditional shape with some of their newer products. The Kong Aqua has taken on that traditional shape, but completely switched up everything you already knew about Kongs.

I got my Kong Aqua from Mitre 10 for only $10!! Also, if you have never seen me talk about Mitre 10, or haven't witnessed it for yourself then you need to listen here. I have found so many good, random deals on dog toys at Mitre 10, like this Kong Aqua that usually retails a lot higher than that price. I also got a great deal on ChuckIt balls. I often walk passed and see good deals on other Kong and ChuckIt products as well, so if you are on the look out for cool new toys, don't forget to check Mitre 10. Often they are random versions of things you have never seen before. They also have a whole dog section with other toys that are more generically priced, but you can find an occasional deal around.

Back to the Kong Aqua. I bought this toy last Summer as not only was it a deal, it looked like a cool way to play down at the river with Diego. We had purchased a range of water toys earlier, and none of them had lasted or been that great so I really wasn't expecting much from this toy either. It is the shape of a traditional Kong, with a rope coming out the top, and a weird, buoyant sponge in the middle of the toy. Let's begin with saying, this toy actually floats! I was sceptical on the buoyancy of the toy as it didn't look like it should, and it is as heavy as a normal Kong, just with that weird sponge in the middle. But it does float, and this has been tested in both a flowing river, Diego pushing it under in said river and it popping back up, and in the waves at the beach.

Because it does float, is bright orange and has the rope attached, we have had minimal scares of it floating down the river, unlike other toys we have tried. This was our most loved toy last Summ . er as I could always guarantee that Diego would find it before I had to go scrambling in the water to retrieve it. The rope also acts as a great tool for getting more height and distance on your throw, which is vital when you have a terrible throwing arm like me. At the beach, it means you can get it way further down the beach, increasing the dogs running and your ability to walk without stumbling over the dog time. The rope can also be used as a great handle if you feel the need to compete in a tug of war match with your dog when getting the toy off of them.

This toy has a bunch of great uses, all but what you expect from a Kong, it doesn't allow treats to be put inside. That doesn't really hinder its usefulness though, and is really the only toy that was used outdoors that has lasted a full year, ready for another Summer of use. Diego is still super obsessed with this, and during winter would randomly grab it out of his toy box and whip the rope around while holding onto the Kong section. Based on the photos you can see how well loved it is, and how it slowly gets a little bit rougher.

Let's talk toughness. To be honest, this toy was mainly used at the river or beach, and was not a general play toy at home. Diego did have access to it when Autumn came about, but during the Summer months it was restricted to a walk only toy. The Kong portion of the toy has held up as well as any traditional Kong would, and shows no sign of significant wear or tear. There is scratch marks on the outside of the Kong, and teeth marks into the sponge in the centre, but nothing that would break off or mean the entire toy is ruined. I think if you left the toy out with a destructive dog they would get at that sponge, therefore ruining the floating ability of the toy. The rope itself is thick, but has started to fray and rip apart at the connection point into the Kong. This is a mix of Diego ripping at it when he has been allowed to play with it at home, it tearing from a vicious game of Tug of War and general wear and tear. The fraying started within the first month of use, and has stayed in a similar state since then. If you are not using the Kong for tugging games, and your dog doesn't have access to the toy outside of water play, I would say that the rope would stay intact quite well. 

This has been a stand out in my opinion, and is a toy I would buy again in a heartbeat. I am actually hoping to stumble into another one at the Mitre 10 this Summer for an excellent price. To be fair though, I would even recommend this at the $30 price. If you have a dog that doesn't like water, or isn't into fetch, this is a Kong you should avoid, however if your dog is the reverse of that, I would get this the minute you see it. I can tell you won't regret it!


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