Planet Dog Snoop

Hello! To be fair, this post is well-overdue. I have spoken about the Planet Dog Snoop a lot over the past year, but just never got around to writing a proper review. I have had it on my list to write for that entire year, but have only felt like this month I have started to get into the swing of things properly with uploading on a regular schedule. I originally purchased the Snoop from Wolves of Wellington at the Wellington Pet Expo in Novemeber 2017. Since then, the Snoop featured in my 2017 Christmas Gift Guide and 2017 End of Year Favourites. Judging by that, you can guess that this will be a positive review, but since those posts my mind did slightly change. Let me explain further.

Let's start this with explaining more about the Snoop toy. It is made of the same material as the rest of the Planet Dog line, which is a highly durable, and flexible material known as Orbee-Tuff. Don't ask me what that material actually is, all I know is that Diego loves it! Planet Dog is also an amazing company as they 100% guarantee their products, so if your dog destroys it you can get a replacement or money back. The Snoop is made as a food dispensing toy in which you can put any type of food option in the shoot, and when the dog pushes the toy around, some pieces of food will fall out, while others roll inside the middle of the toy out of the dogs reach.

I originally used this solely for Diego's kibble, morning and night he would get it and it would slow down the time it took him to eat his meal. Diego is an absolute hoover when it comes to feed time, so anything to slow down his eating is a good thing. While Diego was first using this product, it took him a while to figure out how it worked as it was completely different to the Kong toys he was used to. This meant it could take five to ten minutes to finish a meal. After using this for a few months he started to get sneaky with how he used the toy, so instead of rolling it around and pushing it with his nose, he would dive muzzle first into the toy and then press down. This way his mouth had access to the middle hole of the toy, and he could eat it continually while the toy stayed in place. Once again, Diego was a hoover and it started to last less than thirty seconds again.

At this point I started to use the Snoop less, not because I didn't love it, or Diego didn't enjoy it, but because I needed Diego's food to last longer. In the mornings, this was my way of keeping Diego entertained for a bit while I went to work. Knowing it wouldn't last the time it took to reverse my car out of the driveway kind of ruined the fun. After that, I started using it for dinner times only, and started finally replacing it with other toys until it hardly got used.

Then I was scrolling Instagram one day and saw that Beachcomber_Dogs (By the way, if you are not following them, you need to get onto that!) used their Snoop for more than just kibble. She put a range of things from meat, bones, treats and kibble. I had never thought to do this, because I imagined it would be too hard to get out, and was not the purpose of the toy. Boy was I silly for thinking that. I started putting in large pieces of harder treats like ribs, tails and other meaty treats from Zeal Pet Food, or if I did use just kibble, putting in a fish oil, or peanut butter as well so that the kibble stuck to the sides of the toy more. What a game changer! This has changed the time from half a minute, up to thirty minutes depending the type of treat or substance I put in there! I highly recommend if you have had this toy awhile and ran into the same problem I did, that you try it out with bigger pieces of food.

For toughness, this toy has lasted so well with Diego. Not only did he eat out of it at least once a day for multiple months, he always grabs it out of his toy box to play with. It is one of his favourite toys to throw around, and continually chomp on. He often just lays on the bed with it in his mouth, opening and closing his jaw to squeeze it. This has had no effect on the outside of the toy, there is a few minor scratches but nothing that effects how the toy looks from afar or how it works. He hasn't managed to find a weak spot in any of the material to rip chunks off. It is one of his best looking, long term toys out there to be honest.

Would I recommend this? Yes. Even though Diego managed to master it, I still believe it has potential for more things if you get out of the thinking that it has to be used with Kibble. When used with more than kibble, it takes longer and is harder to work out. It also means that Diego cannot do his new 'stick nose in the middle and gobble' technique, which is how he mastered the toy in the first place. The actual toy itself is hard wearing, and doesn't show any weak spots like other hard wearing toys. It can be used as a food dispensing toy, or just a ball. If you own this toy, I would love to know your thoughts on it as well!


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