SPCA Walk your Dog to the Moon

Hey team! I can't believe it is already November, this year is actually going by so fast. It still seems like just the other day I was planning my trip to New Plymouth, and it was a month before we left. Now it is a month since we were there! In November, Diego and I are participating in the SPCA Walk your Dog to the Moon Fundraising event! This year I didn't do our walking fundraiser that I had done for the last two years due to other commitments so this is a great opportunity for us to test our walking ability again. All money raised goes to the SPCA, which although I don't usually support bigger charities like this one, I think it is still an amazing cause as they are helping tonnes of cats and dogs throughout New Zealand.

My personal goal through this event is to walk 12,000 steps on average a day, which works out to be 360,000 steps for the entire month. I am notoriously lazy when I am allowed to be, so these types of challenges really push me out of that habit of lazing around. Once I am out and about, I love it, but its the getting out that I sometimes struggle with. I can keep up with my step progress on my Fitbit, however for the challenge this is measured in kilometres, so I have made a daily goal of around 8km which works out to be 240 kilometres for the month. I think this is a fair goal, and not too crazy, but enough to push myself to do more in the weekdays.

With the money raising, to be honest, I am less pumped in donating to my own cause. Yes, you are putting money to the SPCA, but you personally are not getting much from it. A few of my friends however are offering giveaways or freebies if you donate to their page, so I thought rather than push my own fundraising page, I would push these ones where you might benefit as well. I think you would have realised by now, I am more a fan of fundraisers that can benefit both the giver and the receiver. Feel free to donate to my cause if you would like to push us further (https://walkyourdogtothemoon.everydayhero.com/nz/daisypets) but if you are interested in potentially getting something in return, check out the pages below!

The Adventures of Bosch
I stayed with Holly and Bosch when I was in Auckland and they are both the kindest souls. Holly has put together a bunch of prizes for her fundraiser from amazing New Zealand brands! For every $5 you donate, you go in the draw to win. A few of the prizes are Auckland only, but there is also vouchers to Oh My Fluffy Dog, treat packs, collars and more up for grabs! You can see the full run of prizes on their Instagram page in their Story Highlights.

Kaya the Shepherd
Ashleigh and Kaya are such a dynamic duo that are both insanely talented. For a $5 donation you can have a custom drawn digital image of your pup that Ashleigh draws for you. Her artwork is beautiful and such a cute little token of appreciation. If you donate a more significant amount, you can get a painting from Kaya herself! These are actually painted by Kaya as well, which is super cute and a quirky gift. You can see these in her stories on Instagram. 

Lydia the Kelpie
Another dynamic duo that I had the pleasure of meeting in Auckland. If you donate $10 or more to their fundraising page, you will be sent one of the bandanas from Hook & Whale which is their brand. Diego actually owns a couple of their bandanas and they are super cute! If you donate $60, Christina will come do a photoshoot of your pup! Christina is incredibly talented so this is such a good deal, because you get amazing photographs, and the SPCA gets all the money. She is currently offering this to anyone within three hours drive of Hamilton, but if you live elsewhere flick her a message as you might be able to work something out! You can check more of her work on Lydia's Instagram page. 

Paw Patrol to Major Tom
This is the group I am part of for the event, which is made up with a range of cool humans and their pooches throughout New Zealand. None of us are currently offering any benefits if you donate, apart from the obvious that you are supporting a great cause, but I thought you might like to check out some of my wicked team mates. These are the people that I will be pushing to walk more, explore more and have fun with their dogs within the month of November.


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