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This is Day 10 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts and this is one that I am sure you will all like. I will have all posts together on one page, so that you can go through that page if you are interested in reading all of our posts. You can view that page here. All giveaways within this period last two weeks from the day that the post is originally posted, and are only available within New Zealand. Giveaway winners will be announced on my social media and vlog channel. Now let's get into today's post:

N.G Collars is a Canadian dog collar company based out of Northern British Columbia. I found N.G Collars through Shopify where we both work and instantly fell in love with the designs she made. They make all sorts of collars from traditional buckle, martingales and also have adventure proof collars made from Biothane. On top of collars they also make leashes, bandanas, and name tags that can be attached to any collar. She was lovely enough to send Diego and I a care package that included some of her range to review. However, because this is a brand that not many of you would of heard of, I wanted to share some more about the lovely lady behind the brand as well!

Nicole has a always been a creative person and one year she got a sewing machine for Christmas as she was wanting to learn how to sew as a new way to release her creativity. While she was learning this, she looked at her dogs current collar and realised how boring (and stinky) it was, but because he was a 200lb Saint Bernard the local pet stores didn’t have anything that was cute but would fit his huge neck. That’s how the idea to create her own collars first started, and she has been improving her craft since then. She aims to show how much passion she has for dogs through her collars, making them functional while also maintaining that level of fashionability. Before this, she had never really seen herself as a business owner, but she did go to school for business aiming to get some sort of PR job. Instead of finding that PR job, her love for dogs grew when she took her Saint Bernard to aggression training and met her now best friend Shawn. Shawn taught her so much about the world of dog behaviour, and eventually hired Nicole to work at her doggy daycare where Shawn saw just how much you could learn from dogs. With that business school training, and the insight from working with dogs, Nicole put these together to make N.G Collars what it is today.

I asked Nicole to tell us about her pets, and I didn’t really want to change her words as these really emphasis the love she has for them, so here is her answer:

This is gonna be a long one lol
It all started with Quinn the saint. He was a rescue and came to me with major aggression issues towards humans. After three years of twice a week training we got him to a place where strangers could pet him and feed him treats. We always had dogs growing up, but he was the first dog that I could truly call mine. He was the first love of my life and I really owe this business and my passion for dogs to him. He’s now crossed over the rainbow bridge, but I know he’s right beside me every step I take.

Next comes Raz, my pit bull, another adoptee we got at the ripe old age of 7. He also comes from a bit of a troubled background, but is the absolute sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. He is such a gentle soul and is never out of arms reach. He takes the term “attached at the hip” very seriously. He is currently 11 years old and is living his best life on the couch day in and day out.

Then Trigger. The Newfoundland x Saint, another rescue which we got when he was about 1.5 years old. He is an absolute nutcase. He has no manners, is way too hyper for his size, and is 100% puppy 24/7. He does have his rare moments of calmness when he loves to bury his head in your lap for some pets, and always gets to come into bed in the morning for his scheduled cuddle time lol He’s more my fiancĂ©’s dog than mine, they’re two of a kind.

Last but most certainly not least Uggs, the German Coolie. Aka “Uggie Bootie” my one and only girl. She has quite the personality, and is literally the only dog that has been able to keep up with trigger. She is super FAST when she wants to be, but also gives Raz a run for his money on the title for best snuggler.

I also asked Nicole about what she would consider the best part of Canada, and although the Patriot in her would love to say ‘Moose and the Maple Syrup’ she became a bit less generic with her answer. She lives on the west coast of Canada, which personally I absolutely adore and follow way too many Canadian dog Instagrams from this area, but on the West Coast you can see ocean, prairies and vast mountain scopes all within a few hours drive of each other. Nicole said she feels most at home in the mountains, and I can completely agree with her there. Second best thing is that they have Moose.

In the care package that we got sent, Nicole sent us a beautiful Christmas Martingale collar, which surprisingly is Diego’s first Martingale collar. I am obsessed with this, and think I need to add more martingales to Diego’s collection. It looks super comfortable, it fits nicely over his neck and stands out against his fur. I don’t really use Diego’s collars for walking, generally he is on a harness, however I did use this directly a couple of times and didn’t mind it. It didn’t pull his neck too tight that he couldn’t breathe, and the width of the fabric meant that it looked comfortable when fully pulled. Plus, I found it made him walk a lot better on leash! This collar has also just become Diego’s December collar and he has worn it pretty much every day around the house. By the time you are reading this, it’ll be too late to order a Christmas collar for this year, however they have such a wide variety of prints on their martingales that I definitely recommend checking them out. I personally really love the Jet Setter, Psychedelic and Count Olaf fabrics.

We also got sent two of her proof collars in blue and orange. These are made from Biothane webbing which makes them tough, durable, and easy to clean. I have another collar similar to these by Wild Dog, however that is in a different material. I find that the Biothane is sturdier, and less flexible which would be great on bigger dogs that really go all in on their adventures. Unfortunately, the sizing on these was slightly off and they were too tight for Diego on the last hole. However, I just easily punched another hole into the end and we were still good to go, although the hole I made is less than perfect looking. I love the way the colours on these stand out, and really make an impact from afar. I especially love the orange one as this is one of my favourite colours, and a colour I don’t have enough of in Diego’s wardrobe. We have worn these collars swimming at the river and beach, as well as on forest adventures and they still look as good as new. The coolest thing that Nicole has added to these collars is the name badges on them, which says ‘Diego’ and my phone number. They are actually attached to the collar itself so do not dangle and risk getting ripped off. I think this is an amazing accessory and such an innovative idea. Now their proof collars come in a huge range of colours, but can we talk about the Mint, Lavender and Baby Pink!! Ugh, they are all so beautiful, I just want to go crazy and stock up on them all. The proof collars also can be purchased with a matching leash in the same colour and material.

She also sent us two over the collar bandanas, which are amazing. She chose to send me patterns that kind of match the colour of the proof collars she sent me, so that I don’t get irritated by the clashing of prints/colours. They are super cute, but unfortunately in the craziness that has been December, I never managed to get a photo of them on as they were in Diego’s draw where I conveniently forgot about them for a short while. The one problem I do have with these on the proof collars is because the proof material is quite slippery, the bandana can slide around and bunch a lot more. They would still be better used on a fabric collar. Which I also did get! She sent us a buckle collar with an adorable bow tie print on it. This looks so dapper on Diego, and is an easy collar to just chuck onto him in a rush. I wouldn’t recommend this one for crazy adventures due to it being fabric, but it would be perfect for just general daily use.

Not only was Nicole and N.G Collars kind enough to send us an amazing care parcel, they have also thrown in a giveaway for one of you to win! She has donated a collar and leash set plus a personalised bandana! This is crazy generous and I am so happy that one of you will get to try her stuff as well. But that is not all. She also has a Boxing Day Sale where you can buy one product and get one 50% off. If you miss that sale you can also use the code ‘DaisyPets’ for 15% off. I would love for us New Zealanders to support another small business that is doing incredible things in the world. If you want to enter the giveaway, just follow the steps down below. This will close two weeks after the original posting date of this post. Please remember that we cannot ask you to like or follow our pages as part of conditions of entry into a competition, but if you like what we do and want to support us, that would mean the world to Nicole and I.

12DOC: N.G Collars


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