12DOC: Paws & Claws Fashion

This is Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts. I apologise for the delay in the second half of this series, computer troubles really hit me. I will have all posts for the series together on one page, so that you can go through that page if you are interested in reading all of our posts. You can view that page here. All giveaways within this period last two weeks from the day that the post is originally posted, and are only available within New Zealand. Giveaway winners will be announced on my social media and vlog channel. Now let's get into today's post:

Paws & Claws Fashion is a collar, and dog accessory company based out of Ashburton, New Zealand. Rachelle is the brains and beauty behind the business and I was lucky enough to meet her when I went to the Christchurch Pet Expo. She is one of the most hard working people I have ever met, not only is Paws & Claws Fashion growing bigger by the day, she also still works a full time job which requires her to travel quite a bit. I have been meaning to buy from her for a while now but after I spent way too much on the Wolves of Wellington collar sets I couldn't justify getting any more collars. I think that is a shame though since when I got sent the package for this post, I feel in love with everything and wished I purchased sooner.

I feel like I say this quite a bit, but I am not the biggest fan of over the collar bandanas. I find that the patterns often clash with the collar Diego has on, or they scrunch up excessively on Diego. I am starting to like them more, especially now that I have a few collars that are just one solid colour so there is no worry of them clashing. However, Paws & Claws changed the game when they sent me a matching collar and over the collar bandana! For some reason I have never thought of this, but it has changed the game on these types of bandanas. I love the way it looks, as it isn't an obvious added accessory and could look like the bandana was just permanently stuck on. The sizing is also perfect, the collar only just fits through the bandana snugly, which makes it less likely to twist or bunch. She sent them to us in a blue check pattern, which I am obsessed with and think looks really good on Diego. I highly recommend looking at getting a matching collar and bandana combo if you too love bandanas but haven't yet been sold on the over the collar variety.

In regards to the collar, it is a super nice width for Diego. I love collars to be quite thick on Diego, for them to be seen, but also for his comfort. I can't imagine wearing a tiny thin collar would be that nice on his neck. The buckle and other hardware is silver, and the buckle itself is nice and chunky. I don't know how well the buckle would last long term if Diego would use it in and out of salt water, some times buckles like this getting rusty super quick. I think as a pretty collar, that doesn't head out on the water adventures it would stand up well though. The collar also has the Paws & Claws Fashion logo on the outside of the collar where it is visible, but I think this makes a nice touch. It isn't too large to take over the print, but enough that you can see who has made the collar. All in all I am really happy with this collar and it is going to get a lot of use over the next few months.

This next bandana is one that I have been eyeing up for ages, but also couldn't justify purchasing since I have so many bandanas like it, just not in this colour. Rachelle obviously pays attention to my loves though and included it in the gift parcel which I am over the moon about. It is this awesome orange, green and navy checked bandana with rough edges. It is my favourite colours, and favourite cut of bandana in one! It is one of those bandanas that you can look at and think of all things autumn. I am even more in love with it in real life, and on Diego it is swoon worthy. I have no idea what the fabric is, but it is a thicker material than the traditional bandana and feels like it would hold up against water quite well. Like the collar, it has her logo on the bottom corner of it, but this does not take away at all from the design. She has also given it to me in a size that would probably fit Ollie as well, so next time I am up there I am going to try it on him too! I didn't manage to get a photo of Diego wearing this one, so I have included a beautiful photo of Belle wearing it! 

Lastly, she has sent me this incredible pineapple blanket. I didn't even realise she was in the business of making blankets, so on receiving this I was so pleasantly surprised. One side is this awesome, summery pineapple print and the other side is a light grey material that is super soft to the touch. This is the perfect blanket for having in your car for cold nights, or for throwing down as a picnic blanket for yourself. It is a nice size that it wouldn't take up to much room in your car either, so I have it packed in the back alongside a dog towel. I think there are a lot of uses for a blanket of this size, and of this softness but durable material. I think it would make a great blanket for a dog bed, and if Diego didn't already have too much bedding for a dog that sleeps in my bed, I most definitely would have had it in there. 

Paws & Claws Fashion is a business that I did sleep on, but not anymore. Now that I have tried her products and can see the love that has been put into them, I will be looking at purchasing more when I see patterns and fabrics I like. Rachelle is super nice, supportive and is open to requests for specific products or changes if she has the fabric and time. I would definitely recommend checking them out on Etsy when you have a chance. 

Now for everyone's favourite part of the series, the giveaway. Rachelle was kind enough to gift us a blanket to give away to all of you! Currently there has been no decided print, so it would be arranged with the winner on what fabrics are available at that time. I wish I could enter this giveaway because I would love a second one for myself! Remember, we cannot request for you to follow or like our social media pages, but we would both appreciate it highly if you could. Rachelle has been extremely generous and if you like what she does, please follow her pages :) 

12DOC: Paws & Claws Fashion


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