12DOC: Zeal Pet Food

This is Day 8 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts and it's another amazing review with a huge giveaway prize pack. I will have all posts together on one page, so that you can go through that page if you are interested in reading all of our posts. You can view that page here. All giveaways within this period last two weeks from the day that the post is originally posted, and are only available within New Zealand. Giveaway winners will be announced on my social media and vlog channel. Now let's get into today's post:

Zeal is a New Zealand dog treat company that started operations in January of 1999! They are an independent family owned business that aims to provide the best quality treats and food for your dog  and cat. I have a kind of embarrassing, but mainly just honest thing to admit. I originally met some of the Zeal team down at the Christchurch Pet Expo, and thought that they were either employees of Zeal or contractors that were hired to do the Expo. They were all super nice, friendly and were happy to explain the products. I didn't get to really talk to them at the Auckland Pet Expo but noticed that the same people were working. It took me until the Wellington Pet Expo to realise that this is a completely family owned business, and the lovely people running their stall were in fact that family! I think this is an awesome touch on what I see as quite a big treat company within New Zealand. The fact that the family are all there, working side by side, and manning expos shows how passionate they are about their business and their products. 

I've tried quite a few Zeal products, I purchased a few different packages from the Christchurch Pet Expo when they were having a deal. Plus, I went back in the archives of the blog to find that when I used to get Bow Wow Box (which by the way, what happened to that?) that they were in a few of the packages. If you want to see some of my old school 2015 blogs, and some cute puppy photos, you can look at those posts here:

- February 2015 Bow Wow Box
- May 2015 Bow Wow Box
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- June 2016 Diego's Birthday Haul

I even found some videos containing Zeal from back in those days! Enjoy the embarrassment :P

- Diego's Birthday Haul
- March 2015 Bow Wow Box

Anyway, so I have tried a few of the Zeal range before, and Diego has always been a fan of their products. Most of their range is 100% natural, and what they are, is what you get so I can't see why any dog wouldn't like them! They have nothing added, which is amazing so that you don't have to worry about what you are feeding your dog. Their range is huge, so I won't review everything that I have tried, but will try to cover a decent range of what they offer!

Beef Hooves
I don't believe I had tried these prior to the last month, however I am now converted into their benefit! They are just dried beef hooves, which are tough but not too tough as to hurt your dogs teeth. I have found them awesome to freeze with extra treats inside. My package came with three hooves and I put a canned dog food into one, a Clark & Co Pet Pop in another, and the final one I put in moistened dog food and put them in the freezer over night. This makes them a long-lasting, boredom buster treat that can be entirely eaten by Diego. Diego spent about 30 minutes working on the canned dog food hoof, and was obsessed with it for those entire 30 minutes. A cool alternative to a Kong, and a good one to use if your dog just destroys Kongs.

Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs are another one that I have become obsessed with since using. I believe I got a pack of these back in the day, but got another packet at the Christchurch Pet Expo and found so many good uses for them. I found that they were the perfect width and length to put into the Kong Genius Leo, or I would break them in half and place them in the Planet Dog Snoop to prevent all the kibble from coming out straight away. They are an amazing alternative to using rawhide, but bear in mind they are not as long lasting as a bully stick. Diego loves them, and will happily chew them forever if he was allowed to!

The morsels come in multiple different flavours including Lamb & Salmon, Beef & Venison and Mussels. All morsels are freeze dried, which if you haven't tried before, makes the treat light and fluffy that is easy to break. They can also be quite messy and flaky when you are breaking them, which if you are wanting a clean area is something to pay attention to. I find the morsels are the perfect training treat, as not only are they healthy, they are easy to break into correct sizes as well as easy for Diego to quickly eat. This is a thing I like to mention in treats, especially if you are teaching new tricks and want to be able to quickly treat your dog without waiting for them to chew. I love the mussels as this is one type of protein that I actively try and feed to Diego on a regular basis, but this is in a different form to the other flavours of morsel. They are full mussels, super flakey and not perfect for using for training however, I would still 100% recommend you getting them. I just put them into Diego's boredom buster toys instead of using them for training.

Ling Fish Skins
These are another Zeal product I hadn't tried yet until the last few months but I am always a big fan of fish products. These are crunchy, pieces of fish skin that looks as though they have been rolled. These treats stink which I actually count as a good thing, as it means Diego is a lot more interested, and you can tell they are quite fresh. Diego is crazy for these ones, and I love feeding them to Ollie to make sure he gets a lot of Omega-3s in his diet for his hurt leg.

Overall, I love all of the Zeal products, and would recommend you to try them all! They are also the perfect products if your dogs have protein preferences as you can find a treat for pretty much every type of protein. When looking for links for this post I found that they are also offering an awesome December Special where you can try some treats for a cheaper price, you can see that special here. 

Zeal was super generous and has given me an amazing prize pack to give to one of you! The giveaway is for six packets of treats, plus samples of all of their dog food range. The six packs of treats are: Beef Hooves, Spare Ribs, Ling Fish Skins, Wags, Lamb & Venison Morsels, and Lamb & Salmon Morsels. If you have read our other posts in this series, you will know that we cannot legally ask you to like or follow our social media pages but it does help us out a lot. If you like what Zeal or I offer, please feel free to follow, we both really appreciate it!

12DOC: Zeal Dog Treats


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