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This is Day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts and I am so excited to bring this final post to you. I will have all posts together on one page, so that you can go through that page if you are interested in reading all of our posts. You can view that page here. All giveaways within this period last two weeks from the day that the post is originally posted, and are only available within New Zealand. Giveaway winners will be announced on my social media and vlog channel. Now let's get into today's post:

Ziwi is a New Zealand dog and cat food company that has taken the industry by storm. I have heard nothing but raving reviews from everyone that has tried it. I honestly first heard of Ziwi through Sara Carson and The Super Collies when they came to New Zealand and were using Ziwi Peak food for their dogs. She swore by them, and made me interested in seeing more about their brand especially since they were a New Zealand company.

Ziwi Peak food is made of meat which is 100% sourced from ethical New Zealand farms, and doesn't include any grains, corn, wheat , rice or soy. The first seven or eight ingredients in their air-dried recipes food which constitutes 96% of the total recipe are all fresh meat, organs, bone and seafood. Reading their ingredient list is completely different from reading any other companies list as you can not only understand everything in their ingredients list but also it has no artificial additives or preservatives. All Ziwi Peak products contain 3% New Zealand green lipped mussels, which if you have read anything of ours, you know that we love mussels. Mussels are a great source of omega-3s, glucosamine and chondroitin that is amazing for your dogs joints, skin and fur. 

Due to the way that Ziwi Peak is made via an air drying process with the high-quality ingredients, you don't need to use as much food to get the same amount of calories and nutrients. Each pack of food comes with a specific scoop to use and Diego requires only 2.5 of these a day. This is a tiny amount to how much he had to eat on Orijen, who also say that you can feed less on their kibble. I would hate to see the difference between the amount that needs to be fed on a cheaper brand of kibble comparative to Ziwi Peak. This means that although Ziwi Peak is more expensive than most other brands, you do not use as much so it works out to be a lower cost per day.

Ever since I started learning more about the raw food diet, the more I saw the health benefits and wanted to transition Diego onto one. However, in all honesty, I do not have the time, patience, complete knowledge or room in my freezer to do raw. This is where Ziwi Peak is great, they are the best raw alternative and are perfect to use when looking to get into a more natural diet for your dog, or if you usually feed raw and need something to feed on trips/when you haven't got raw food prepared.

Ziwi Peak is what I had planned to transition Diego onto as I was still having trouble with loose stools. I then went away, forgot all my dog food but had a bag of Omega Plus in the car so started feeding Diego that. So far he has been good on that food, so I am not going to mess with my luck and transition him again. If Diego stops doing well on Omega Plus food, Ziwi Peak is definitely our next and hopefully final kibble option for Diego. I feel bad that I haven't got around to using Ziwi Peak as an everyday food, but with Diego's sensitivities I just couldn't risk trying another brand. 

However, instead of using it as his daily food, I have been using it for the past few weeks as his training treat and seeing amazing results. Even with this food being fed as a treat, he still has perfect stools (TMI I know, but if you have read any of our blog posts you would know that Diego's stools have been a trouble of ours for years) and his fur is gleaming. When you first open a bag of the Ziwi Peak food you are hit with the smell of it, it is very fragrant. I love this in a dog treat especially as it gets Diego's attention instantly, and holds his attention a lot longer. The kibble pieces are flat, and super easy to break so I have been breaking them into quarters and using them when training new tricks. They are the perfect size and consistency for when you are wanting to quickly shove a lot of treats into your dog to cement a new behaviour. I am currently working on a foot stall with Diego, which is one we have been trying on and off for a few years, but I have seen the most improvement recently and I like to think that was because of the Ziwi Peak we were using.

I rate this food highly, you can tell that they have really thought and care about the health of your dog when making a premium product. I am going to continue to buy it as a training treat for Diego since I have had such great results with it, and possibly look at completely transitioning Diego's diet onto them. I currently am using the Mackerel & Lamb formula, and have the Tripe & Lamb formula to try next. I chose these two flavours as they contain either fish or tripe which are great for Diego's digestive system. They do also have chicken, beef, lamb or venison proteins available in the air dried formula.

Ziwi Peak were lovely enough to send us some of their food to trial, as well as a bag of their Ziwi Peak Free-Range Chicken Air-dried food and a pack of their Good Boy Rewards to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter this is to follow the steps below and this will be drawn in two weeks from the date this goes live. Please remember that we cannot legally ask for you to like or follow our pages to enter a giveaway, but if you like what we do and want to support us, this just one way you can!

12DOC: Ziwi Pets


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