18 Things we achieved in 2018

Welcome to 2019 everyone! It is weird to think that 2018 is over, cause not only did it feel like the longest year of my life, it also went by the quickest. I feel overall that 2018 felt quite sad, that I didn't achieve much and that generally my mental health seemed constantly on the edge. However, then I looked back and saw what I actually did, achieved and saw in 2018 and was honestly, quite surprised. I know everyone is doing look backs at the year on Instagram, and I have too, but I love seeing people happy about what they did in a year. I think it is super inspiring as well as a good chance to actually remember what might have been done in a year. That's why I decided to write this blog post, as a chance for me to remember and congratulate myself as well as hopefully inspiring some of you to go out on a limb in 2019.

Here is 18 things that Diego and I done in the year of 2018:

1. Fiji
This one is actually insane. I haven't travelled much in my life, and the times I have gone overseas are with my family or with an at-the-time boyfriend. This was my first overseas experience with a close friend and it was incredible. I didn't really worry about saving as much money as I should have in the weeks/months before which meant that I had fun before, during and after this trip. It was my first time going to a tropical island, and it will always be held close to my heart. I got to dive with sharks, ride quad bikes through the streets of Nadi, zip line through bush and many other crazy firsts that I never imagined myself doing. I really want to do another island trip in 2019 since it wasn't too expensive, and gave me some of the best memories.

2. Christchurch Expo
Not long after returning from Fiji I got really bad FOMO that my friends were having a pet expo without me. So I booked some cheap flights, and an even cheaper hostel and went down for a whirlwind weekend. I met Lu from Oh My Fluffy Dog for the first time, although it instantly felt like I knew her forever and I spent the entire weekend surrounded by dog people, and dogs. It was amazing. I had never previously gone to Christchurch so this was an awesome experience.

3. Auckland Expo
Another expo that I wasn't meant to go to, and then a week before I felt sad and stressed that I wasn't going so booked some overnight busses to go attend. I spent the weekend at the amazing Holly's house and then got driven around Auckland to different walks, beaches and the Expo. This was another experience that I wouldn't change for the world, and although I was exhausted by the end of it, it was well worth it.

4. New Job
One of the biggest and life changing moves I made in 2018 was securing an amazing new job. I finally got to leave a job that I didn't really like, but I had stayed at for a while because it was easy, close to home and my best friend worked there with me. Now I work for Shopify, which is an amazing company and platform. I work from home which allows me to travel more, see more of my family and Diego. It is a job that inspires me, and makes me want to learn more and grow so I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for me in this regard.

5. Took Diego and Ollie Kayaking
This was something I had always wanted to do after seeing all the amazing photos of Instagrammers doing it, so to have the chance to take Diego and Ollie kayaking was incredible. My dad actually owns kayaks and lives right on the lake, but for one he isn't very good with dogs, and he also has been crazy renovating his house for the last while so it would have been dangerous to have the dogs up there. However, this last time worked out perfectly, and we got to take both the boys out. Neither dog hated it as much as I thought they might, and in the end, you could see Diego actually quite enjoying it. I did film the whole adventure, so I will add it into one of the next vlogs I make so you can see it.

6. Went to New Plymouth
I had wanted to go to New Plymouth for a little bit after seeing some amazing photos of the area, and reading about how dog friendly it is, so one day I just decided to book mum and I an AirBnb and actually go do it. I think 2018 was the year of a lot of random and quick decisions, which looking back made the whole year a lot more fun than it could have been. I fell in love with New Plymouth while I was up there, I wrote some blog posts on the places we went, and filmed a vlog while we were there too. I definitely want to go back to this city at some stage.

7. Became an OMFD Ambassador
I have always loved OMFD, and will always love them but in 2018 I got the chance to be a real life ambassador and have a discount code. This was super exciting for me and I was so blessed to be chosen. However, this was also some of the toughest months of the year, I honestly hate Winter, and I was fighting over my hate for Instagram and myself so I didn't do as good of a job at being an ambassador as I would have liked to.

8. 12 Days of Christmas
This was one of the biggest series I have done, and I got to team up with 12 amazing brands to bring 12 different blog posts in December. It was awesome to be able to bring a bunch of giveaways to my readers, while also trying some brands I have never tried before. There are still a couple of blog posts with giveaways running currently, but also I believe the ones that are closed are still worth reading as I have reviewed a bunch of products that I would love you to try out.

9. Mady came to stay
Mady from TheDustyDingos came up for the Wellington Pet Expo and spent the whole weekend up with us which was amazing. I got to meet her when I went to the Christchurch Pet Expo, and she drove me around Christchurch in the pouring rain, so I done the same for her. She also taught me some good techniques with training Diego!

10. Got Summer a kitten
Mum and I decided to go halves in buying my youngest sister a kitten for her Birthday present. Summer has always wanted a kitten of her own, especially a fluffy one. Dante also has decided to pack his bags and move into the house next door, so now was the perfect time to get Summer her own little pet. Welcome Mushu, a ginger medium haired boy that my other sister and I picked up from the Kitten Inn in Lower Hutt.

11. Raw food series
I never imagined that I would do a raw food series on my blog. I have read the 'Keep the Tails Wagging' blog for a long time now, probably as long as I have had this blog and enjoyed her content heaps. I have always thought that one day I would feed my dog raw, but just never really committed to it. That's why it was great when Nicole offered to write some posts about her experience in feeding raw. Should we continue this series into 2019?

12. BMO passed away
This isn't something that we achieved, but I couldn't make a post about 2018 without bringing this up. One day I went out to feed the guinea pigs to find that BMO had passed away. BMO would have been about four and a half which isn't the oldest a pig can get, but still a pretty good life. This was so upsetting for me, and made me realise how quick life can change.

13. Worked on Diego's Reactivity
If you have followed our blog for any length of time you might have noticed that we occasionally talk about Diego's Reactivity. It's one of those things that I always mean to write about more, but I am not sure if you would all be as excited as I am when he says hi to one dog without over-reacting. Even though I haven't posted heaps about it, this was something we really put a lot of time into in 2018, and I can see small changes happening all the time. Yesterday he said hi to a huge dog through our fence and then proceeded to try and play, this is a big change to last year. I will make an update soon about how we are going and what we are doing!

14. My Best friend had another baby
This isn't one of my own achievements, but after being with her through the pregnancy it seems like it could be my own achievement. This is my best friends second child, but the first one that Diego has known since birth and I love seeing them growing together and learning to be friends. Diego loves children and is so calm around the baby. He is always trying to lick around her mouth though! I also love seeing the baby learn that dogs aren't scary, and she is forever wanting to look at him or pat him.

15. Many new hikes/walks
Looking back on photos from this past year, I have realised that I did do a whole lot of new hikes and walks with Diego. We went to a few new cities together where we explored walks that they have to offer, as well as finding new adventures in my own area. It has been a great year for that and I am excited to do even more in 2019.

16. Met loads of Instagram friends
This one has been mentioned throughout some of the other numbers, but it has been so amazing to meet all these people that I have connected with through the blog and social media. To meet these incredible people in real life is so heart warming for me, as well as super inspiring. Everyone I have met has been so kind, positive and just all round lovely. I hugely appreciate it, and hope to meet more and connect with more and more people in 2019.

17. Diego learnt some new tricks
This year I went through phases of training Diego daily, and although I then wouldn't train him for a while, it was the year where we done the most. I can't remember tricks he specifically learned in 2018, but I do know that we have finally worked out how to work together. With the help of Mady, I have learned how to work with Diego in a way he enjoys and stays engaged. This has changed the game with our training and I finally have made ways in teaching tricks that I never thought Diego would grasp.

18. Vegetable Garden
It's funny because you imagine the 18th being really good and exciting, but the way I wrote this list meant that I had nothing for 18 and had to think on the spot. So that is why my eighteenth one is about my vegetable gardens. This past year was my first year really getting into my own garden and I although some of it was a flop, other things like my beans lasted me all Winter. At the end of this year I have also planted three vegetable gardens to keep me going through 2019! I also brought to you the most interesting vlogs - the gardening vlogs. Which I hope you haven't missed too much since they will be back soon.

Thank you so much for reading, for sticking with us through 2018, and I am excited for a more exciting, more adventurous and crazy 2019!


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