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Small Pet DIY Enrichment Ideas

Hey! It's been a while since we talked about Knuckles and how I entertain him. If you are new, you probably have no idea who Knuckles is. Knuckles is our five year old guinea pig that we have had since he was young. Last year, our other guinea pig BMO passed away which now means I need to work even harder to keep Knuckles entertained and not bored. I have been asked why I haven't got another guinea pig to hang out with him. The main reason is that at 5, getting a baby pig would mean that Knuckles would be outlived and I would be in this same situation again. I also haven't got another adult male pig because Knuckles is not really the friendliest pig, and even though he lived with BMO for four years, they still didn't really get on that much.

With this all in mind, I thought I would share some of the things I do over the course of a week to make Knuckles have something to do. These can be transferable to other small pets including rabbits, rats and probably birds! You m…

Kong Spin It

Hello! We all know that I love different treat dispensing toys, especially some of the Kong ones I own. So when I saw Confident Canines NZ selling this Kong toy that I had never seen before, I knew I had to buy it. Confident Canines has a range of awesome Kong toys that are not commonly found within New Zealand and for a super cheap price. They actually do stock more than Kong products as well, I know that for a fact because I have been eyeing up their treat bags since the pet expo.

Anyway, the Kong toy that I purchased and are reviewing today is the Kong Spin It toy. I don't remember the exact deal I got but it was somewhere between $20 - $30, which is insanely cheap for a Kong toy. I tried to find a New Zealand supplier that currently has the Spin It toy available, but I couldn't find one that has it online. I do know that there are a few suppliers that mainly work on Facebook to show their deals like Confident Canines do. The toy itself is a rolling toy, with one hole in th…

Dog Treats Using Apples

Hey! I am often quite over ambitious with my super market shop, and end up with a lot of fruit that needs to be eaten almost instantly if I want it to still be of a decent ripeness. This resulted in me having some apples that were over-ripe and sitting uneaten for an extended period of time. I decided this was the perfect excuse to make a few recipes for Diego using these apples.

Apples are an amazing source of vitamin A, vitamin C and contain dietary fibre making them the perfect treat to supplement your dogs normal diet with. If fed in slice form, they are also good for helping to cleaning teeth. They do contain natural sugars, so you need to be careful on how much you feed at once. Also, if your dog has never had apple before, you should gradually introduce them in tiny amounts like you would with any other dog treat type.

First off, I cut up the apples into smaller pieces. This step was mainly to remove the entire core and seeds as these are toxic to dogs so should be avoided at a…

The Pooch Pouch

Hey! I was lucky enough to be sent this product from the business owner to trial and review. I state this at the start because I don't want this to effect how I review a product, but I also want that to be in your mind as you read in case it sways your own opinions. I always want to be 100% honest in my reviews, and will not be biased on a product just because it was sent to me. I try and mention both good and bad points in my reviews so that you can base your opinion on these benefits and cons.

The Pooch Pouch is a versatile bag that can be attached to your leash, pants or belt to carry extra things while out walking your dog. This can be used to carry keys, poop bags, your phone, snacks, pretty much anything you may need while out and about with your dog. Before this, I would use a treat bag every time I walked Diego, and just shove my keys in there while walking. Pooch Pouch reached out at the perfect time though, because my treat bag was falling apart and was literally holding…

Labrador Puppy Photos

Hey! A year and a half ago now, I went to my friends house and took photos of some German Shepherd puppies that she had. These puppies were the future police dogs, and police dog mummas of New Zealand and she was fostering them while they were still young. You can see those photos here. My friend still owns one of these pups to this day called Darcy who is going to be a breeding dog for the police force. Now fast forward to today's date, and she has started fostering a new pup called Poppy. This sweet girl is going to have a future as a drug and money detection dog, possibly in New Zealand, possibly flown across the world to work elsewhere. I couldn't resist going to get puppy photos while I could, and trust me, these photos do Poppy no justice on how cute she actually is.