Dog Treats Using Apples

Hey! I am often quite over ambitious with my super market shop, and end up with a lot of fruit that needs to be eaten almost instantly if I want it to still be of a decent ripeness. This resulted in me having some apples that were over-ripe and sitting uneaten for an extended period of time. I decided this was the perfect excuse to make a few recipes for Diego using these apples.

Apples are an amazing source of vitamin A, vitamin C and contain dietary fibre making them the perfect treat to supplement your dogs normal diet with. If fed in slice form, they are also good for helping to cleaning teeth. They do contain natural sugars, so you need to be careful on how much you feed at once. Also, if your dog has never had apple before, you should gradually introduce them in tiny amounts like you would with any other dog treat type.

First off, I cut up the apples into smaller pieces. This step was mainly to remove the entire core and seeds as these are toxic to dogs so should be avoided at all costs. From there, to make it easier for me to work with the apples, I grated them.

For the first treat, we mixed the grated apple with some Ziwi Peak dog food. You could also add yoghurt, carrot, beetroot, or a meaty stock to this mixture to make it more enticing for your dog depending on what they like. We didn't have any extras lying around the house so kept it basic with just the apple and Ziwi Peak. With this mixture, I put a small amount into Diego's Kong toys, added his usual Omega Plus kibble that would serve as either his breakfast or dinner, and then filled the rest of the Kong with some more of the apple mixture. This makes it more of a topper rather than a full Kong filled with apples. From here, you can give them fresh to your dog, or if you are wanting them to last longer and keep your dog cool in the Summer you can freeze overnight before serving.

I didn't want to tell you at the start of this post because I worried you wouldn't want to read it, but this next one is some sort of fail. These were impromptu, random treat recipes I made up on the spot and of course, the biscuit type treat didn't work out. I had already taken photos, and I think I know some tricks to make them work better so thought I would still share.

I used the grated apples, and mixed in some wheat bran, egg and baking soda to make a more biscuity mixture. From there I put in the oven and baked for about 20 minutes. When they came out, they were nearly burnt on the outside, but still all gooey in the centre, so I put them back in the turned off oven to hopefully crisp up overnight. They did go more solid overnight, but are still a strange, rubbery texture. Diego enjoyed though so I guess that is all that matters.

To improve this recipe, I think a good idea would be to squeeze out some of the extra moisture from the grated apples like you would when making zucchini fritters. I think it would be good to also add in some Omega Plus Salmon Oil, and maybe some ground kibble as well to dry it up. If I were to make it again I would definitely add these changes in, in hopes of improving the final product.

Have you used apples to make treats for your dogs? How did it go?


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