Kong Spin It

Hello! We all know that I love different treat dispensing toys, especially some of the Kong ones I own. So when I saw Confident Canines NZ selling this Kong toy that I had never seen before, I knew I had to buy it. Confident Canines has a range of awesome Kong toys that are not commonly found within New Zealand and for a super cheap price. They actually do stock more than Kong products as well, I know that for a fact because I have been eyeing up their treat bags since the pet expo.

Anyway, the Kong toy that I purchased and are reviewing today is the Kong Spin It toy. I don't remember the exact deal I got but it was somewhere between $20 - $30, which is insanely cheap for a Kong toy. I tried to find a New Zealand supplier that currently has the Spin It toy available, but I couldn't find one that has it online. I do know that there are a few suppliers that mainly work on Facebook to show their deals like Confident Canines do. The toy itself is a rolling toy, with one hole in the side where treats or kibble can fall out when your dog pushes the toy around. The hole size works with Diego's little kibble but would also fit bigger kibble through so can be used for any sized dog.

Usually I give Diego these types of interactional toys when I leave the house to keep his mind occupied while he is alone. However, the first couple of times I use a toy I like to use it when I am around so that I can get a feel for how it works, make sure it will be safe for when I am not present and also gauge if it was worth buying for when I review it! So with that being said, you know I know exactly how the first two tries at this went.

Firstly, to use this toy, you unwind side of the toy and add your treats or kibble into the green section. I am using my Omega Plus kibble that is Diego's daily meal. When you unwind side, please bear in mind that the other side will fall out straight away and you may want to hold this if you don't want it landing squarely onto your foot like it did with me. Ignoring that part falling on me, this toy is super easy to fill up, and fits a decent amount of kibble into it. The kibble is preventing from falling straight out with some little walls around the hole in the side. This would work a lot better with bigger kibble than it does with Diego's Omega Plus.

Diego's kibble did fall out fairly easy, but there were a few pieces that would get stuck no matter how much Diego pushed and twisted it. The problem with this toy lies in the ease of twisting. To open the top, the twist is not that tough and so when Diego is playing with this toy it twists open within the first few minutes. Once this is open, the treats just fall out the top. A vital flaw in the design, and one I hoped that we could rectify by tightening it more. It doesn't.

Alright, so the next problem with this toy is probably quite obvious in the photos that you can see. This toy has been used twice by Diego, probably a total of ten minutes in total. The plastic tears the minute Diego tries to chew it, or claw at it. This is anything from Diego clawing at it to move it around the floor, biting it to move it, or biting it to twist the top off to get the treats inside. The second time we used this toy, Diego opened it up within a few moments, and immediately was just chewing the centre of the toy.

If you have a dog that chews, that really likes food, or uses their mouth to investigate things this toy is not for you. I think this toy could work for smaller dogs that can't get their jaw around the toy, or dogs that more push toys around rather than bite. I am thinking of now sending this up to my mum to try with Chico the Greyhound as he may enjoy it a bit more since he isn't much of a chewer. This toy definitely is not going back to Diego again. I appreciate that Confident Canines brings in these unusual Kong toys for us to try, and at a super cheap price compared to other Kong stockists so will be buying from them again. I think I will be steering clear of any more plastic toys by Kong though because this went down as one of the worst treat dispensing toys we have ever tried.

I was unsure whether to write this review because I usually try to find positives and negatives within something I review, however I struggled to get good positives for this one. I think that because it didn't even last one use without being ripped up is a bad sign, and Diego is not big or overly crazy on his toys anymore. I think the idea is great, but the execution is not as flawless as I would have liked. I would love to know if anyone has this toy and has used it successfully though!


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