Labrador Puppy Photos

Hey! A year and a half ago now, I went to my friends house and took photos of some German Shepherd puppies that she had. These puppies were the future police dogs, and police dog mummas of New Zealand and she was fostering them while they were still young. You can see those photos here. My friend still owns one of these pups to this day called Darcy who is going to be a breeding dog for the police force. Now fast forward to today's date, and she has started fostering a new pup called Poppy. This sweet girl is going to have a future as a drug and money detection dog, possibly in New Zealand, possibly flown across the world to work elsewhere. I couldn't resist going to get puppy photos while I could, and trust me, these photos do Poppy no justice on how cute she actually is.

If those pictures didn't make you want a puppy, I do not understand your mindset. I was in love with Poppy, and usually I am not a big Labrador person. She was so cute, so tiny and such a character. She also had a bunch of extra skin which is the cutest thing ever! Thankfully my friend brought me back down to earth by stating that they haven't had a good nights sleep since her arrival, and that they are forever having to try and get things out of her mouth or hiding stuff so she doesn't chew it. That made me once again remember why I don't want a puppy at the moment.


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