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Last thoughts before the big adventure

Hey! The day I am writing this is Monday the 1st of April, and no, this isn't some weird April Fools Day post. It is just a strange coincidence that the first time writing a blog post in ages is the same day that all the pranksters come out of the woodwork.

If you didn't already know, Diego and I are heading down to the South Island of New Zealand on Wednesday for three and a half weeks of hikes and adventures as we road trip the entire (hopefully) length of the island. It is one of our biggest adventures to date, and is going to be also a challenging, character building time because did I mention, we are sleeping in the back of my car. Recently the biggest question I have been getting is how am I feeling, and after trying to explain it to a few people, I have decided to just write it down as much as possible in this blog post so you can really get an understanding for my thought process. This is most likely going to be quite a rambling post, so watch out.

When I first booked …