Last thoughts before the big adventure

Hey! The day I am writing this is Monday the 1st of April, and no, this isn't some weird April Fools Day post. It is just a strange coincidence that the first time writing a blog post in ages is the same day that all the pranksters come out of the woodwork.

If you didn't already know, Diego and I are heading down to the South Island of New Zealand on Wednesday for three and a half weeks of hikes and adventures as we road trip the entire (hopefully) length of the island. It is one of our biggest adventures to date, and is going to be also a challenging, character building time because did I mention, we are sleeping in the back of my car. Recently the biggest question I have been getting is how am I feeling, and after trying to explain it to a few people, I have decided to just write it down as much as possible in this blog post so you can really get an understanding for my thought process. This is most likely going to be quite a rambling post, so watch out.

When I first booked this trip, and started to decide on it, it felt like April was ages away, that I would have heaps of time to plan and get prepared. I was super excited and nervous, but knowing I had all this time to make sure I was on top of it, meant that the excited outweighed the nervous. That time disappeared and was swallowed by whatever creature seems to remove time from our lives faster as adults. It turned into March super quickly, and it suddenly dawned on me that I only had a month til this crazy trip of mine. During March, I was also battling my own mental demons, and wasn't really winning. The start of March was replaced with a lot of laying around in bed, watching too many YouTube videos and wallowing in self-hatred. I can't say I am entirely out of this mood as of current day, but I am working hard to be as productive and positive as I can on a day to day basis.

After the start of March, you guessed it, comes the middle and end of March and it started to occur to me that I my trip was weeks and days away yet I wasn't prepared in the slightest. I had some great clothing, a chair and a sleeping bag that you would have seen in our YouTube video, but other than that, I was not prepared. I had nothing to cook on, nothing to store food or clothes in, and no real idea on how I was going to make this trip work. I had always wanted this trip to be as spontaneous as a planned trip could be, so specifically set no dates for when I was going to be places. Instead, I researched places I wanted to hike and visit, and knew that I would come upon them, when I came upon them.

During this period, I tried to stop thinking about the upcoming adventure too much. I didn't want to scare myself, or make myself anxious late at night thinking of all the things that could go wrong. So I didn't think about it at all. This meant that my excitement levels were also nil. I started to slowly buy more things I needed, and write lists of things I needed to do before I go, and things I needed to buy. It is two days to go until my trip and I keep thinking of things I need to get urgently before I leave. However, I am now starting to think about the trip and get pumped for it!

I have decided that there will be no bad parts, only parts that I will learn from. I know that I am going to come across a lot of struggles, and hard times but will be able to work through them to come out a more balanced human on the other side. The main thing I am worried about are the ferry crossings, having Diego in my car alone in an unfamiliar environment for three and a half hours. However, I have started the planning to making this the most comfortable ride for him, including a long walk before hand, giving him some rescue remedy, having the windows opened, the car darkened with curtains, having my bed out for him to rest on and having his favourite ball there with him. I think all of this combined will make him have a more calm, pleasant crossing. As for me, I bet I will be on the top of the boat worrying about him every minute!

I know this blog post sounds like a lot of over thinking, especially for such a normal trip, but it is outside of what I have done before. I have never camped alone; I have never travelled the South Island and I am doing that alone; I have never gone off with no plan but a lot of days to cover. I am pumped and excited though, because this is the type of person I want to be. Embracing the wonderful country that I live in, travelling and exploring with my dog, and being a spontaneous, less stressed human. I am hoping to grow a lot from this experience, and who knows, maybe I will become a digital nomad after this trip.

I will hopefully be able to check in throughout the trip so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our adventures. I am planning on writing more diary like blog posts during the experience, as well as more informative ones! See you on the other side!


  1. You've got this! Lydia and I are so excited to see your adventures! You'll figure it out and there is no failure, only learning!


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