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Books I read while traveling

Hey! While down south travelling around, I found that I had quite a few hours in the day that I could devote to reading books. Generally this would be while waiting for water to boil, and food to cook, or in the early evening when it was too early to sleep but too late to do much else in the dark. In the second half of my trip, I actually learnt that you can download movies and shows on Netflix to watch without cell service and that put an abrupt end to my reading. However, before I learnt of this marvellous service, I managed to read four books which I thoroughly enjoyed and can now recommend to you. They are not animal related like I would usually talk about, but I figured that some of you may still enjoy them. They are all Biographies, which has been my book of choice recently.

The first one I read was New Boots in New Zealand by Gillian Orrell. This book is about Gillian coming to New Zealand to tramp the nine great hikes of New Zealand. I never really knew much about the great hi…