Books I read while traveling

Hey! While down south travelling around, I found that I had quite a few hours in the day that I could devote to reading books. Generally this would be while waiting for water to boil, and food to cook, or in the early evening when it was too early to sleep but too late to do much else in the dark. In the second half of my trip, I actually learnt that you can download movies and shows on Netflix to watch without cell service and that put an abrupt end to my reading. However, before I learnt of this marvellous service, I managed to read four books which I thoroughly enjoyed and can now recommend to you. They are not animal related like I would usually talk about, but I figured that some of you may still enjoy them. They are all Biographies, which has been my book of choice recently.

The first one I read was New Boots in New Zealand by Gillian Orrell. This book is about Gillian coming to New Zealand to tramp the nine great hikes of New Zealand. I never really knew much about the great hikes before this book. I knew of certain walks like the Milford and Kepler tracks as well as the Abel Tasman Coastal Path but I didn't realise they had got the title of a great hike. This book was both entertaining, and insightful. I actually learnt quite a bit a New Zealand through this book that I hadn't previously know. I also found out that canoeing down Whanganui River counts as a great walk! This book convinced me that I need to walk the Great Walks of New Zealand so I am going to set about doing that in the next year to two years. Gillian shares her experiences as a first time tramper in an enjoyable way. She shares the hardships, and the pleasures that come from really stepping amongst nature. Even the hardships that she shares, she shares in a positive light that makes you think that anyone given the want could walk these tracks. I definitely recommend this book if you are interested in tramping, even if walking for days on end doesn't sound like your idea of fun!

The next book I read was Following Atticus by Tom Ryan. This book follows Tom Ryan as he changes lifestyle from being a newspaper writer to climbing mountains around his state with a dog. It is one of those unlikely tales where an overweight man, and a tiny dog achieve things that fit and healthy people couldn't even dream of. Realistically, it wasn't my favourite book in the lot, and took me a bit longer to read as I wasn't as enthralled as I would have like to be. The story is good, and heartfelt but I didn't connect to Tom as much as I did with Gillian in the other book. I did at one point cry though, more in surprise sadness as it was an unexpected twist in the story that I did not see coming. If you like schnauzers, I do believe you would enjoy this book though!

This book is a complete switch from the other three, but one I found super interesting. It is A Little Thing Called Life by Linda Thompson. Linda dated Elvis Presley, and later went on to marry Bruce Jenner. This book is definitely more around the socialite, famous person circle but I found it intriguing to read. She explains more about how she met and fell in love with Elvis, how that ended and how she felt when he passed away, then it moves onto stories about marrying Bruce Jenner and raising kids with him. I never really knew much about Elvis, he was a lot before my time, so I liked learning more about who he was and why he was so famous. This was what you might call a guilty pleasure book, but I was all for it! Definitely recommend if you want an easy read before bedtime that isn't too serious and won't give you nightmares!

Finally, the fourth book I read on my trip was Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. Wow! I grabbed this booked without really looking into what I was reading, all I saw was Everest on the cover and that drew me in. It turns out this book is about the 1996 Everest Disaster that saw eight people die in one day trying to ascend Everest. I had actually previously watched the movie Everest which is about the disaster so had a faint clue about how the events unfolded but reading them in a first hand account is so different to watching the film. Jon littered the book with additional tit bits of information that is left out of the movie, and also gave heaps of insight into the history of Everest. I really love and appreciate Jon's writing style and was super enthralled in the book from start to finish. I have since actually got his book Into the Wild as well to read. If you read any of these books that I have written about today, this is the one I recommend over the other three!

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions of books for me, or if you have read any of these I would love to know what you thought about them. Do you like this type of content? Would you like me to keep sharing the books I read? Let me know!


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