How is it May?

Hey everyone! I cannot believe it is nearing the end of May already! I know I say this every month, of every year, but jeez, time goes so fast as an adult. I definitely have not been as consistent, or even really posted to Daisy Pets as I wanted to in 2019 and I do apologise for that. I love my community that I have grown, and love meeting and interacting with you all. That is why I want to get back into consistent posting, I want to write more, video more and really interact with you all on a new level for the rest of 2019 and beyond. With that being said, please keep me accountable for posting two blog posts and one video a week! I did ask a few months back on my Instagram what kind of content you guys liked, and really it was a mixed bag, but I did find out that not only do you guys want to read product reviews, you want more personal content as well. So here I am to update you, and then we will go forward from here!

I now live in Whanganui. That is probably the biggest life change for Diego and myself. When I got back from my South Island trip, I found my little house in Upper Hutt had become infested with mice. They were living underneath the backside of my fridge, and had really made themselves in everything I owned. I am not against mice, but the thought of them relaxed amongst my clothes and bed was too much for me to handle. I couldn't really lay out poison with Diego there, especially after what happened to Mika from KayatheShepherd on Instagram where she ate a dead, poisoned rat and nearly died. The idea of traps was also not my favourite as I didn't want to be dealing with the dead carcasses. Not long after finding mice poo throughout everything I owned, I got invited by the house owners for a quick chat. Turns out they are looking at subdividing their property, including my little shack and wanted to give me first claim on buying the land. They were looking at subdividing within the next 6 months to a year, but with me unable to afford the property and mice becoming mates with Diego, I decided to give my four week notice in. Instead of living those four weeks out, I immediately left to mums house and have been going back down each weekend to collect my things and clean the property. So now I officially live on the lounge floor at my mums house.

Following on from that, I do intend to purchase a house for myself and Diego within the next two years. I want to probably purchase anywhere between Whanganui and Wellington depending on price, and what the house is actually like. I love living in Wellington, but as a single gal trying to buy, it is really out of my price range. I love Whanganui so most likely will buy here, but still love the idea of the Wairarapa, Kapiti or Levin as well. Once I buy a house, I will also be looking at getting a second dog ;) I know a lot of you have been waiting for that for a while now, but just a few more years of waiting please.

With this move, and living back at mums, I did have to make a decision about Knuckles, my guinea pig. He was nearing on five years old, and since BMO passed away, it was unlikely for me to get another friend for him. I didn't really have the time to devote to him, and was more often than not, making my aunty come to my empty house to feed him while Diego and I were off all over the country. Because of this I decided to rehome Knuckles and found him an amazing family in Upper Hutt. They had recently moved from Australia where they had to leave behind their guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs due to not having enough money to bring them over. They loved guinea pigs, and had one similar to Knuckles. This seemed like the perfect new home for him, that would give him all the love he deserved for his final years. I was very sad to let him go, but know in the long run I have done what is best for him.

Finally, if you have read a few of our posts, you would know Diego is dog reactive. It is something I have learnt over the past few years, and pretended to work on. I say pretended, because all though I did try, a lot of the time I just gave up and walked him when I knew we would never see a dog. I did go to a dog trainer that gave me some awesome tools to work with, but I more than often become frustrated, embarrassed and tired of the whole rigmarole of trying to get Diego to calm down. Since going down south, I met up with my friend Lu from Oh My Fluffy Dog that gave me some tips on how to work with Diego on a slip leash and enforce boundaries with Diego so he knows that I can handle the situation of a dog coming up, without him having to involve himself.  She also spent time working with us around her dogs, and showing Diego that he can be calm around other dogs. This was a vital step to change how I was looking at my dog training style, and has made me feel more passionate about walking and training Diego. I am looking to continue this training and really work with Diego to make him a better dog, because from what I saw with Lu, he can exist with dogs quite happily. We also spent some time with Becki and Kobe from Kobe_thekiwi_staffy on Instagram which was an awesome experience to walk two 'reactive' dogs calming around each other.

I am still working full time for Shopify, which is a job I really love. I love being able to talk to passionate people all day from the merchants that I help, to the people I work along side. Being able to work from home is a great gift, and although hard at times because I have to learn to be alone most of the time, I do really enjoy it. It has also given me the income to go camping when I want, but still look at saving to buy a house and wipe clear any debt I currently have.

I also now get to be around my family a lot more, and I appreciate the small things like having dinner at the table with my mum and sisters, to having someone around me in the morning to laugh about silly things with. It also means I am with Ollie, Chico and cats more, so can definitely do some different posts that feature them if this is something you guys might be interested in.

Thanks for reading my catch up, and the next posts will start to talk about my trip down south!


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