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Tu Meke Friend Veal Ribs

Hey guys! I have been super lucky recently to be able to try quite a few new treats with the dogs. The great thing about treats, and treat brands is that you can never have enough. I love being able to see what can be created from essentially the same ingredients - animal meat, and from that, also being able to see the differences in one type of product. Does one brand make their pieces larger, crunchier, meatier? All these little things can change how a product performs, and how Diego might enjoy it, and that is why I am always trying new brands and new products.

Today's review is going to be on the Veal Ribs by Tu Meke Friend. Tu Meke Friend is a new company that originates in New Zealand and has come about for the sheer purpose of wanting to share a bit of New Zealand with the world. New Zealand is a very special country, and is one which is heavily associated with the outdoors, a casual demeanour and farming. Within Tu Meke Friend they are wanting to emulate all this, and be a…

The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. Wild Goat Treats

Hey! It has been more than a while since I reviewed some products, or realistically, since I even posted on the blog. I have been very unmotivated for the last 6 months to a year, and I really don't have any excuse. I did notice one thing though, I started to do less product reviews. These are what I really enjoy writing, what I started the blog with, and what I think really excel at. I think this is what made me slowly feel less excited to write blog posts, and caused me to neglect my blog completely. I have decided to bring back the weekly product reviews though, starting with this awesome dog treat!

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. is as the name would suggest a pet food company that has come out of New Zealand. The company was created through the desire to give pet owners a convenient and safe treat that they can trust is natural and wholesome. All their products are manufactured in small batches in New Zealand using ethical, healthy and premium ingredients. They support fa…