The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. Wild Goat Treats

Hey! It has been more than a while since I reviewed some products, or realistically, since I even posted on the blog. I have been very unmotivated for the last 6 months to a year, and I really don't have any excuse. I did notice one thing though, I started to do less product reviews. These are what I really enjoy writing, what I started the blog with, and what I think really excel at. I think this is what made me slowly feel less excited to write blog posts, and caused me to neglect my blog completely. I have decided to bring back the weekly product reviews though, starting with this awesome dog treat!

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. is as the name would suggest a pet food company that has come out of New Zealand. The company was created through the desire to give pet owners a convenient and safe treat that they can trust is natural and wholesome. All their products are manufactured in small batches in New Zealand using ethical, healthy and premium ingredients. They support fair trade, and try to locally source when choosing suppliers and farms across the country. This is the type of company I can support as these are all things that I am conscious of when trying to find treats for our bunch of dogs. Back in 2017, I reviewed their Woof Treats in Lamb and Brushtail which Diego absolutely loved so I was very excited to try their new Wild Goat version.

The Woof treats are all freeze dried, which removes the moisture from the meat without compromising the natural quality or taste. This also gives the treats a lighter texture, which is easier for you to break into smaller pieces or your dog to consume. These treats are exactly what they are labeled to be, they are 100% wild goat. Nothing extra has been added to these treats, so you are safe in knowing there hasn't been added artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. Prior to these treats, I don't believe I had ever fed Diego goat. I think it is a unique meat that is not commonly sourced for treats. With that being said, goat is a great meat as it is high in iron and protein, and contains low levels of saturated fats. It also is rich in vitamin B, potassium and Omega 3 fatty acids. I am always on the lookout for foods that contain Omega 3 as this helps support things like skin, coat, and joint functions.

Unlike the other two meat types in the Woof Treats, these Wild Goat ones are in a square cut. I personally prefer this cut to be honest, as it maintains its shape a lot easier than the oval shape of the other meats. The squares are still super easy to break into smaller pieces if you have a smaller dog or are wanting to use them for training. I find the squares just stop as much breakage within the bag through transportation, or storing. The size of the squares is also a good size for a quick treat for the two bigger dogs I have.

A big thing for me with treats is their smell. With Diego, I don't need a super scented treat for him to want to perform. This means, if a treat is really stinky, it just gets all over my hands for no real need. I obviously don't mind this at home when trick training him, but if I am out and about I want a treat that won't make me smell like a crazy woman if anyone gets too close to me. These treats hit the right spot for me with their smell. There is a smell there, which is expected, it is a pure meat treat, but it's not over powering at all. You can easily have them in your pockets, or a treat pouch without people wondering what that smell is. Now on the flip side of this, when out and about with Chico or Ollie who are not very motivated to pay attention to me, they need a highly scented treat to want to eat one when in public. This treat would not be for them when out on walks due to their personal preference of ignoring me.

Following on from that, we care about dogs taste. Diego is hard to really judge treats taste with as he is so willing to please me that he will perform for even the most basic treats, or his own kibble. There are very few treats he will downright ignore, and thankfully these Wild Goat treats do not fall into that category. Ollie on the other hand is not a treat dog. He can get by in life with just some pats and will do anything for human affection. For him to like a treat, and want to stick around for a treat is a big deal. Usually I have to force feed treats into his mouth! With these treats though, he was following me around for the next half an hour wanting more. He willingly gobbled them up, and kept trying to steal the other dogs treats when I was feeding them. This is a huge plus in my books, and means I am going to use these treats for any future training with Ollie in the home environment.

I definitely think these treats are amazing, and definitely worth checking out if you are on the lookout for a treat that can be used for both training and just general treating of your dog. You can trust that they are healthy, and natural to be feeding to your dog so you don't have to have that guilt when giving your dog a treat. I have two packs of these treats, but know that once they run out, I will be buying more for the sole purpose of trying to trick train Ollie, which historically has been quite hard when he doesn't care about treats. If you are interested in purchasing some, you can do so on or they also have a list of stockists on their website. If you have tried them, please let me know what you think as well! I love hearing other people's opinions!


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