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Rogz Grinz Ball

Hey everyone! For Diego's birthday this year I got him a package of goodies from Summer's Pet Accessories. You can actually see us open the package, and Diego's initial reactions to these gifts on his birthday vlog on our YouTube channel. We got that in June for his birthday, so I thought it was about time we started to review some of the toys we got, and give our opinions now that we have used them for a month and a half.

Today's post is going to be on the Rogz Grinz Ball. For years I had seen posts, and photos of the Rogz Grinz Ball and had always wanted one. I thought it was hilarious that when you are playing fetch with your dog it would look like they were smiling, and had a full set of human teeth. I think I even remember seeing it when I had Daisy, and since she wasn't much of a ball dog, I was sad that there would be no purpose to me buying it. Then I saw the ball on Summer's Pet Accessories and knew instantly that I needed to pick one up. I also think …