Rogz Grinz Ball

Hey everyone! For Diego's birthday this year I got him a package of goodies from Summer's Pet Accessories. You can actually see us open the package, and Diego's initial reactions to these gifts on his birthday vlog on our YouTube channel. We got that in June for his birthday, so I thought it was about time we started to review some of the toys we got, and give our opinions now that we have used them for a month and a half.

Today's post is going to be on the Rogz Grinz Ball. For years I had seen posts, and photos of the Rogz Grinz Ball and had always wanted one. I thought it was hilarious that when you are playing fetch with your dog it would look like they were smiling, and had a full set of human teeth. I think I even remember seeing it when I had Daisy, and since she wasn't much of a ball dog, I was sad that there would be no purpose to me buying it. Then I saw the ball on Summer's Pet Accessories and knew instantly that I needed to pick one up. I also think the price point is good on Summer's Pet Accessories, with a medium one sitting at $10, and a large being $12. I honestly don't know what size ball I got, and could not locate my confirmation email from when I purchased it to be certain. I think it is a medium, because I would have liked going for the cheaper ball.

Rogz is a South African company that manufacture and distribute pet accessories worldwide. The company was founded in Cape Town's beachfront suburb of Blouberg, overlooking Robben Island and Table Mountain. Due to this, Rogz originally started as a surf-style company, and wasn't until a few years in that they turned their attention to pet accessories and making these as quirky and fun as possible. They have been around in the pet industry now since 2000, and have really hit the world by storm. Honestly, I couldn't find much more information than that, and their online site talks more about their products than the brand itself.

Summer's Pet Accessories however, does talk about themselves a little bit on their website. They are a New Zealand, Canterbury in particular, based business that stocks amazing dog products. I originally found out about them through a friend who has a discount code with them (AAYLAHUNTER is their discount code if you want to purchase) and I couldn't resist checking them out for Diego's present. I am very happy with the customer service, usability of their site, and their product range. I will definitely be shopping there again in the future. Now let's talk about the actual product of today's post!

The Rogz Grinz Ball is made up of a thin, but tough plastic that I find most comparable to the Planet Dog Balls. Unlike Kong toys, the toy is soft enough to be able to be squished, and would not hurt your dogs teeth on impact. However, it is also tough enough that your dogs teeth don't instantly dent the product, or cause tears in the material. I had to search what this product was made from, and it is actually SEBS which I learnt is a form of thermoplastic elastomer with styrene added. So I am correct in calling it a plastic, but please don't imagine Kmart toys kind of plastic, a less educated Morgan would call it rubber. The ball itself is actually hollow, which came as a surprise to me! It is completely hollow with a decent sized hole on the side that is not nicely decorated with teeth. Also, to prevent a suction with one large hole on the ball, opposite amongst the teeth is a tiny, hole. I actually prefer that the balls have a hole or are slightly hollow, as I find these types of toys last better with Diego and don't break as easily. The teeth on the ball have been coated in colour over top of the original ball colour so I believe that these could potentially, after a lot of use, start to rub off to just have a solid coloured ball. After a month and a half of use, mine is still in good nick in regards to the colour but I can see this as something that could potentially happen.

If you have read any of our previous toy reviews, you would know that Diego is quite a sucker to destroying things. He loves being able to destroy every toy in his path, and has meant that I am constantly on the lookout for new, durable toys. Recently, he has really stepped back on his destroying gene and I think this is due to only being allowed toys when on walks and exploring, and also living with two other dogs now. Where he usually would lay with a ball in his mouth, squeezing it until it was completely destroyed, he spends his time play wrestling with Ollie. The Grinz ball is the first ball I have left openly around the house for some while, and a month and a half later it is still going strong. This toy is played with daily by both Diego and Ollie. Ollie loves grabbing this toy, and prancing proudly around the room until Diego notices him and takes it off of him. This will happen in an endless loop of Ollie prancing, Diego stealing, Diego getting bored and the Ollie prancing again. This has meant that while the toy doesn't get as damaged from Diego sucking the life out of it, it is still in near constant daily use.

With the ball being hollow, it can also be used as a treat dispensing ball. I haven't used it for this yet, as Diego is a psycho around food but I love the idea of this. It wouldn't work with Diego's kibble as they would immediately roll out, but if you have a larger kibble size it could definitely be used for breakfast or dinner time. I would personally look at putting peanut butter, or a canned dog food into the ball around the edges which would require the dogs to lick inside the ball for a period of time. Another option would be to add in bigger, meaty treats that would not roll out of the hole as easily.

I have taken the ball to the park a few times for Diego, and absolutely love it down there. The ball is super light so easy to throw, it bounces easily and I don't have to worry about Diego hurting his teeth if he catches the ball mid-air. Also, super important if you have a dog that loves water, this ball floats!! This orange colour I got, and the ability to float, is amazing when down at the river. This is my new favourite toy to take down to play in the water!

I don't believe this ball would last for a crazy chewer. There is a slight crack on the ball currently, which you can see in the photo. If Diego really wanted to go for it, I believe he would be able to rip this ball up within a few hours. I think it is an amazing ball for an adventure-only ball which you take when going out to the park, or beach. Or a ball for a dog who loves toys, but not to the extent of destroying. I also love the photo opportunities for the ball, so if your dog has a good hold command, you could really make some unique photoshoots! All in all, I would purchase again. I think it is great, has multiple different uses, and the fact that it floats adds extra points for me.


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