12 Days of Christmas

Hey! 2018 has been a crazy year and I want to treat both my readers, and my favourite brands to an amazing December and Christmas. I decided to collaborate with 12 amazing businesses to bring you 12 Days of Christmas which will be 12 continuous days of blog posts containing either giveaways or discount codes. The blog posts will also contain either a review of the products, or an interview with the business owner. I have left links down below for all of the 12 days so you can catch up if you need to. The giveaways and discount codes are all contained within the blog posts themselves.

Oh, and a P.S I am filming vlogs all of December and they will go up from the 13th of December right through to the 25th of December, so you will want to keep an eye out for them too.

Day 1: Oh My Fluffy Dog
Day 2: Omega Plus
Day 3: Rocco & Co
Day 4: Wild Dog
Day 5: Luna and Harley's Boutique
Day 6: Kim's K9s Accessories
Day 7: Paws & Claws Fashion
Day 8: Zeal Pet Food
Day 9: Cove Body
Day 10: N.G Collars
Day 11: Jeddy Bears Tugs n Toys
Day 12: Ziwi Pets 


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