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DaisyPets was originally started after losing my first dog, Daisy. All her life I had wanted to blog about our experiences together, and what we get up to, but I always put it on the back burner for other things in life. Once she passed away, I regretted how I never started a blog, I had nothing to look back on our time together except for my own memories. Daisy was a difficult first dog, was dog and leash reactive and loved to chase cars. I feel that a lot of people could have learnt from our mistakes together, but also share the love of an amazing little dog with me.

Now, I have started this blog and named it in her memory to keep what we had together alive. I just want to be able to share our experiences with people, showcase awesome stuff we find, review products that we love or hate so that you know what you are buying and just really connect with the wider animal community. I blog about all aspects of our pet life, and now that DaisyPets has grown to include two Guinea Pigs, an ex-racedog, Chico; and a staffy x, Diego; every pet owner can enjoy our posts.

I am the voice behind the posts. I was born, raised and currently reside in a city just outside of the capital of New Zealand. I have been around animals my whole life, and my mother definitely raised me to appreciate every single being. As a youngster I owned a menagerie of animals ranging from rats and mice, to chickens, to rabbits and guinea pigs and everything in between. When I was 8 years old, I decided to go vegetarian and haven't looked back since. At age 10 I got Daisy my first dog. I currently work full time in a 9-5 office job, but my passion definitely lies with animals, and this blog helps keep that passion alive.

If you want to know more about us, I wrote a blog post filled with useless facts about us!

If you would like to contact us flick us an email at daisypets@hotmail.com
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