2019 Wellington Pet Expo Haul

A few weekends ago was the Wellington Pet Expo, which was the first expo I have been to this year, and also the first one in a long while where I wasn't in some way working. I have come to realise that I should and need to work these events because if I am not working, I am spending. For the Christchurch and Auckland Expo's I was so busy on the Oh My Fluffy Dog stall that I didn't have time to really shop around and spend time talking with other stall owners. This meant I had no time to really purchase up large, and left both these events with a fairly small haul. This time round, that isn't the case. I also went into the expo knowing I had too many treats at the moment, and didn't need any more. That was all well and good, until I subconsciously decided that the money that usually would have been allocated to treats, went onto more collars. So thus I bring you my 2019 Wellington Pet Expo Haul.  

Let us first start with Wild Dog where I picked up two new slip leashes and a collar. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a runner up for Wild Dog's ambassador programme and got to pick out a leash or collar from their collection to have for free. I chose one of the beautiful limited edition chunky slip leashes with the rainbow hardware. I absolutely love using slip leashes on Diego, and when I saw Rachel making the chunkier versions I had to get one. I cannot wait to take this one on longer adventures and get cute photos with it. From there, I couldn't resist this beautiful blue slip leash in their regular size and hardware. I have already taken this out a couple of times on more tame walks, because I do not want this one getting grubby like his last slip leash. Finally, I also had to pick up another adventure proof collar in this stunning yellow. I have seen so many dogs rocking this colour, and knew I needed it for Diego. A great bonus is that it also fit Ollie, so that's an absolute win in my books.

Yes, I went a little crazy at Wolves of Wellington, but how could I not?! I love Wolves of Wellington, and the amazing brother, sister duo that is behind the company. They had such a cute little stall setup, and when you spent over $20 you got to spin a wheel of prizes which I thought was such a smart idea. I had to purchase this Planet Dog Eggplant toy, as an homage to the first toy I ever got from them many years ago which was also an eggplant shape, but from a different brand. I can tell you now this toy is already a hit with Diego, so if you would like to see us review it, I am more than happy to. We also ended up buying four bandanas from Wolves, including their newest Maverick print to match the dogs collars and leashes. The middle two are actually for a giveaway that is going on my Instagram page right now, so if you want to win one of them, you have until Wednesday afternoon to enter. I spun the wheel and won a car scent which is great since my one I already owned from them had really done it's dash on all the smells in my car. This one is the forrest scent which is actually super nice in my car!

As I mentioned above, I really went buck wild on collars this year. From Bow Wow Boutique, which can I just take a moment here to thank Alex who gave us an exhibitors pass to the entire expo. Also, Paws and Claws Fashion got me an exhibitors pass too, which was handy for me to get my friends in. I really appreciate the kindness of both ladies for thinking of me when getting their passes. Anyway, each year I seem to end up buying Chico a collar from Bow Wow Boutique. Last year I got an awesome bird print one, which he lost within the fortnight. This time, I got him a Christmas themed one and it is the cutest thing ever! I absolutely love these little smug grinches, and think they suit Chico so much. I also picked up this amazing orange and blue print collar for Diego. Bow Wow Boutique always has the most incredible collars that last for ages, and look incredible. The hardware never seems to rust, and the quality of the ribbon and backing is super thick and high quality which makes them sit nicely. I could never stop speaking highly of Bow Wow Boutique.

Last collar of the expo, I promise. This time it is from Moose & Camel, and is this awesome mustard corduroy collar. I have always loved Moose & Camel products, but it was always more suited to female dogs as it is a lot of pretty, girly colours. I think if I were to get a girl dog, it would be solely for the purpose of getting more of their collars. Anyway, I found the most manly one possible in this mustard number, and I ADORE it on Diego. This collar will be more suited to when Diego is being a cute brunch dog and living his city fantasy. They did say that the collar can be washed, but honestly, he has enough collars that are made for getting muddy, and wet that I should leave this as a purely pretty day trip to town collar. 

Finally, I got this product that I have never previously seen in my life. It is by Doggy Daily and it is a superfood powder that you can put over your dogs food. It has a range of ingredients that are put together to give your dog a boost with their diet. It is a powder, so can be sprinkled on wet or dry food, or I will be putting it on with Salmon Oil onto Diego's kibble. I am excited to try this out, especially with Ollie seeing as he will be prone to having bone issues due to his car accident. The lady behind this was also wonderful, and super sweet so I am excited to see what other awesome things they do in the future.

I also did get some Zeal treats as well, but shared these with my best friend and her puppy so do not have the lovely bags to show these off, nor do I remember any of the exact names for these. We always love stocking up on Zeal treats at the expos as they always have such great deals. 

Did you end up going to any of the Pet Expo's this year, and if so, did you pick up anything? Let me know in the comments down below!


  • Sarah

    I was the opposite this year, more treat focussed…Although did do a cheeky wolves bandana!

  • TRacey

    Wow! Great haul the doggos are very lucky 😃

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