2021 Goals and Resolutions

After some would describe a disaster year, I am ready to kick off my 2021 goals and resolutions. If you haven't seen it, I done a full recap of my 2020 goals here and let me just say, I am pretty proud of myself. I learnt last year to set obtainable, fun goals that are more a lifestyle adjustment rather than a full on change or something that would be hard to continue doing. Some of last years ones like hiking more, being more eco-conscious with my choices and spending less on un-needed dog stuff are able to be continued into 2021 and years beyond. I am happy I had that push at the start of last year to start thinking about these things and make these changes. Anyway, with that being said, here are my 2021 goals and resolutions!

1. The Conqueror Challenges

As I was scrolling Instagram recently I saw an ad for The Conqueror Challenges and my interest was immediately peaked. After talking with Amanda (ThatWanakaDood) about how she had completed her 2020 goal of walking to the top of Mt Iron 100 times, and how she was now looking for a new challenge, I was somewhat inspired to do a yearly challenge as well. I have done my own small challenges in the past, but the idea of one that spans the entire year and requires dedication throughout really appealed to me. That is when that ad appeared, showing a virtual challenge to walk Mt. Everest and get a real life medal once completed. It works by tracking the kilometres you walk and then assigning those to the challenges you have chosen. I thought this would be an awesome way to push me to do more hikes and adventures with Diego in 2021. I wouldn't track our usual walks around the neighbourhood, but would track the longer ones or the ones that I had to drive to. 

So here is what I signed up for:

  • Mt Everest. This will be the first one that I will do and is 64.2km in total 
  • Alps to Ocean. When I was looking through the website I saw a New Zealand based one, and honestly, how could I pass up that opportunity? This is a total of 289.7km and is from Mt. Cook to Oamaru. 
  • Grand Canyon. Finally, I wanted to pick a third one but was really lost on which one to go for next. Some of the remaining ones felt too short, or way too long to be achievable so I settled on the Grand Canyon. This one is a total of 450.6km and probably the one that I may not complete within the year. 
  • Conquer 2021. If you purchased three challenges, you got to participate in the 2021 challenge for free. This is a personal goal challenge and allows you to chose the goal you would like to complete within the year. You also win an awesome 2021 medal for this one. I currently have it set to 1,000km for the year, but the more I think about that, the more I don't know if that is a normal, obtainable goal, or if it is actually insane. I will re-evaluate that at the 3 month mark I think. 

Along the way as you hit certain milestones in your challenges you also earn trees that are planted in real life. I love when there are initiatives to get more trees planted, and this feels like free trees in my opinion. You do have to pay for these challenges, however that is including the medals being delivered anywhere in the world, an app that shows progress and updates, as well as a Facebook community group if you are interested in those. 

 2. Get Diego into scent work

I have been meaning to do this one for a while now, and have always loved the idea behind teaching your dog how to utilise their amazing nose. The wonderful Mady (TheDustyDingos) recently gave me some of the scent to use with Diego but I just have not made the conscious effort to do so yet. I haven't decided if I prefer a type of scent work yet, but I think I would like to work him both on finding a particular scent how they do in the trials, as well as tracking type scent work. I need to do a lot more research into this though, as currently I know very minimal about it all.

3. Become more fit

This one is not as tangible as some other goals, but is something I want more in my life. A few years back, I was obsessed with the gym. Obsessed enough that I thought it was cool to go to the gym at midnight on New Years. I would go every day for hours at a time, and I got fit and strong but I wasn't happy deep down. Since then, I have gone to the gym sporadically but not committed to anything too much. I go through stages of loving the gym, and then hating it. Especially in 2019 and 2020 I have let my fitness be pushed to the side. However, I have decided I want to be a more all-round fit person. I always feel less stressed, more alive when I have exercised or during exercising and this is any type from lifting weights, to going for a hike, to kayaking. They always make me feel more on top of my feelings. I just need to find a good healthy medium. One person that really inspires me, not just for photography, but for their healthy lifestyle as well is Carmen Huter. She embodies the type of relationship I want with exercise. She will train or go on a crazy hike, but also come home and have a lavish meal. She doesn't seem to overdo it, but doesn't underdo it either and this is what I want for myself more in 2021. I want to do at least one thing a day that moves my body. I have been getting more into Yoga so it will be cool to do that more regularly. I also just purchased a kayak so I want to make sure I go out on that weekly. Then there is the Conqueror Challenge which also helps push me to do more hiking and exploring.

4. Collaborate more

Okay, remember at the start when I said achievable and good life changes. This one is a bit crazy but manifestation is key in this one. I have a couple of key types of accounts/people/businesses I want to collaborate with. Another person I love following on Instagram is Sophie Piearcey. She is a Queenstown based content creator, and does some pretty epic things. I love her mix of photography, adventure and relatable content. She has inspired me for this goal to go a bit further and admit I would love to collaborate in 2021 with an area or council. That seems a bit crazy, but the idea of working with a council has always been on the top of things I would like to do. Promoting dog friendly areas has always appealed, and being able to work directly with the council or area would be incredible. 2021 manifesting these things! I would also love to guest write on some other blogs, feature on a podcast and have some of my Instagram photos shared by bigger accounts. I am putting these all into the universe, and hopefully I can work towards them in 2021.

5. Spend more time with dog friends

Over Diego's life we have gone from engaging and being with a lot of dogs at dog parks, to complete hermits trying to avoid dogs at all costs. Diego's reactivity, and my lack of work on it, has affected how we interacted with others dogs. However, I have an amazing group of very supportive people and their dogs that are happy to work with us on Diego's issues and I need to appreciate them more. I am so used to avoiding situations that make Diego and I uncomfortable, and I also am so used to not knowing how to deal with these situations. I have more skills under my belt now, and these incredible people to help that I need to make the most of this and start putting ourselves in these training environments. I already have seen a remarkable change in Diego around certain dogs from spending more time with them, so would love to do this more regularly so we can build up his confidence. I will also keep him going on pack walks with Aspiring Canines as this also has been boosting his confidence, not only with a strange new man, but a whole range of other dogs and situations.

And there you have it, my 2021 goals and resolutions! I'm thinking I will check in every quarter to see how I am going, and make sure I am on the right track still. What are you goals and resolutions for this year? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram


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