April Update of 2020 Goals and Resolutions

Hey! At the start of the year I wrote a blog post with my goals and resolutions for 2020. Since then, I haven't really posted much on this blog, but I thought I would give you an update on how they are going. As I am writing this, it is April 21st which means we are near completing our forth month of these goals.

5. Produce more amazing content

I think this one is hard to measure on what would be considered 'amazing'. However, of the small amount of content I have put out there, I have been very proud of it. Since January, I have put out five videos on the Daisy Pets YouTube Channel. The most recent two have been some of my favourites to edit, and to get reactions from you all. I have also been producing content for the Omega Plus Facebook Page during Lockdown. These have had a fantastic reaction from both the public and Omega Plus. Finally, I think I have put a good amount of effort into trying to improve my photography for our Instagram page.

Over the remaining 8 months of the year, I would like to produce content more regularly and work out a way to balance great content that I love, with more content produced. Watch this space, I have some ideas.

4. Move to Central Otago

I am currently in Whanganui, and look set to be here for some time longer. Maybe this will be a end of year thing. 

3. Hike more 

I think I was well on the way to making this a thing, and then Covid-19 hit and I have been cooped up inside since then. I am excited to move into level three next week so that I can start hiking around the region again, and once we get back to regular life, I will be making it a habit to go out weekly. This lockdown has taught me a few things, but one of the biggest is that I need and want to be out in nature a whole lot more. 

2. Be more conscious of the impact I have on the environment

I think I am making an effort, but sure as heck not as much as I would have liked. I have purchased a re-usable coffee cup for my takeaway coffees, which shortly after purchase got placed to the back of the cupboard as there was no need for such things when I live constantly in my lounge. Maybe TMI for my boy readers, but I also got a menstrual cup. Honestly, not sure if I am sold on this or not yet. I have gone through two cycles with it, but will keep trying my knack with it. I like the idea of not having to throw my money down the toilet, but also, not having things inside of me that I don't know what is in them or where the materials to make it came from. Other than those choices, I haven't really made great strides in this aspect. 

1. Spend less money on dog things I don't need

The part of this update that you have all been wanting to read! The big update on if old big-spender Morgan has continued her shopping habits. For those that still haven't read the original goals post, last year I spent $2,747.31 on dog related products, and things. As of April 21st this year I have spent $249.40. Let me give you a break down before you guys worry...

Donation for Koala Reserve: $74.21

Dog training classes: $30

Giveaway prizes: $145.19

I have purchased not a dang thing for Diego! I deserve a pat on the back for that. But now you will take it away because I have also spent $1,479.17 on related things. I purchased a $388 lens for my camera. The rest was spent at MacPac for tents, sleeping bags and mats, camping and other hiking equipment.

For the rest of the year I do want to keep up this momentum of not really spending on Diego. I think the big purchases I will need to make are investing in a good quality, warm jacket for adventuring in; boots for Diego for walking in the snow and maybe RexSpecs if I am feeling super splurgy. 


How are you all going on your 2020 goals and resolutions? Have they taken a back seat for a bit while we all go through this pandemic. Let me know everything! 

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