Bravecto Flea Treatments and Vetty Subscriptions

Back in October 2019, I was lucky enough to be sent flea treatments from Bravecto to try out with the dogs and cats. At the time I was living in Whanganui with my family so we had all three dogs and three cats at the property. Chico, mum's greyhound, is notorious for always having fleas no matter how many times we treat him with flea treatment. Ollie, my sister's collie cross, is less notorious for fleas, but with a thick, long fur it does make putting spot on treatments harder. Then I have Diego who is pretty neutral ground. He doesn't get many fleas, and his fur is pretty simple to part to put flea treatment onto. However, over Summer we were travelling a lot more and he was going to more places that would put him in a fleas eyesight.

With the cats, all three cats are mostly outside cats but do venture inside to inform us when they are hungry. This means that they generally are way more prone to fleas however, they don't affect the household as much if they do have them. Due to this, I won't talk too much about how the treatments worked on the cats. The spot on treatments were super easy to apply while they were eating a meal. If you do have cats, I would assume they work in the same way as the dogs formula however, I will not be able to promise how they do work. 

From Bravecto I requested the spot on treatments for the dogs as these prevent fleas for 6 months and ticks for 4 months. I wanted to see how well these would do over the Summer months when fleas are far more rampant. I was also interested to see if the 6 month claim on the packaging was correct as I know other brands claim a lot longer timeframe than it actually lasts. 

The application of the Spot On Treatments was super easy. They have made it so that instead of taking off a small, fiddly lid, you just twist the packet to crack open the seal. This also is a great way to prevent problems if the treatment was to get into children's hands.... which even with that extra level of protection I highly recommend never happens. The only problem we had with application was making sure to get it on the right spot on Ollie as he is a mover and a groover and didn't want to sit still for the application. I filmed the application process over on my YouTube channel on this video. For Chico and Diego however, it was simple enough to part the hair to make sure the treatment got applied to their skin and not just the fur.

The most important part of a flea treatment is definitely how long it lasts and how well it works during that time. After a week, we noticed that the dogs had stopped itching completely and could not see any fleas on them. Prior to treatment they definitely were showing visual signs of having had fleas. This continued throughout the Summer months. Diego didn't get any fleas until we moved down to Wanaka in the last month which meant that it lasted roughly 6 or 7 months. Mum noticed that Chico was getting a bit itchier sooner than Diego, more like end of February/March which meant it only lasted for him roughly 4 to 5 months. In saying this though, usually we treat Chico for fleas and two weeks later he is covered in them again. For some reason, he is very prone to fleas and mum was at her wits end to find something that actually worked. For the Bravecto to last 4 to 5 months, mum was very happy and is definitely buying this in the future for him. Ollie I think would have done a longer timeframe as well, however I didn't really get a decent update from my sister on this. Ollie is also more likely to get fleas when Chico gets them as they still live in the same household. 

Now that the Spot on treatment has run out, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Vetty wondering if I would like a box sent out by them. Vetty is a subscription box service that gets high quality flea and worming treatments delivered straight to your door at a discounted rate from buying these from other retailers. You can chose to get either NexGuard Spectra Chew, Bravecto Chew or Bravecto Spot On as the flea treatment option. Each option is billed quarterly as they have worked out the yearly bill for the type of product you have decided on and then divided it across the year. With Vetty, they will send you what you need, when you need it depending on how long each product has been stated to last. This takes all the guess work out of flea and worm tablets! 

Example rates for a 20kg+ dog on all the plans

With Vetty, I decided to get the chew tablet for Diego this time around. There was no big reason behind this apart from me wanting to try something new and see if it works as incredibly as the spot on worked. I can't comment on how well the chew tablet has worked long term, however I can say that it did remove fleas that Diego had when I gave him the tablet. He also ate the tablet up straight away with no need for convincing which made the treatment even easier than the spot on. 

If you want to try Vetty, you can use the code DAISYPETS for an additional 20% off your subscription. This makes buying flea and worming treatments not only thought-free, it also ends up a lot cheaper than buying them at separate retailers. To visit Vetty go to 

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