Christmas Gift Guide 2017

I was about to write my 2019 Gift Guide for Dogs, and I thought it would be good to check back on what I had previously suggested to make sure that each year I am giving you new gift ideas. As I was reading through the list, I realised how a lot of these products I would still recommend, and still love. I didn't want anyone to miss on that great content from two years ago, so thus here is my 2017 Christmas Gift Guide. I will post my updated one on Sunday which will contain no double ups from this list. 

Oh My Fluffy Dog Shirts

These are the most comfortable shirts I have bought all year, and not only that, the designs are amazing! Whenever I wear these tops I get a load of compliments, the large designs really bring in attention. They are made here in New Zealand by an amazing couple and their three pooches. They are constantly bringing out new designs, and I have to say I have loved every single one and have purchased every design! These are the perfect gift for a dog or gym lover in your life.

Wolves of Wellington Bandanas
You guys already know how much I love these bandanas since I talk about them at every available opportunity. I find these the perfect gift for a dog in your life as a lot of people won't personally buy them for their dog, but would love to have one for their dog. You can also get the Letterman Bandana and make it personal by having the letter of their name on the bandana!

Bow Wow Boutique Collars and Leash
This company will forever be my favourite leash and collar company. Alex is super nice, and will make sure she can do whatever in her power to make the perfect product for you. I always am gifting their products to friends and family as you can make it personal with the different fabrics. These are very long-wearing and durable products, and can cope with the most hard-wearing dog.

NZ Natural Pet Food Company Treats
I love these treats, and love how innovative they are. Diego also is a big fan of the flavour which is probably the most important part of a treat to the dog. They are made in New Zealand with natural ingredients and can be used as a meal or treat which is perfect for Summer adventures. I recommend giving these as a gift as they are quirky treats, especially for people who like going hiking or camping, and it's awesome to be able to gift an awesome New Zealand product to other dog owners.

Bark Bag
Bark Bag is a subscription based delivery service where monthly they deliver your pooch a box of treats and toys. This is run in New Zealand and has a great range of healthy dog treats. For Christmas you can buy your own dog, or gift to another person a Christmas Bark Bag which contains amazing products, and is gift wrapped. Also, for every Bark Bag purchased they will give a rescue pup a meal.

Omega Plus Fish Oil
This is our favourite Fish Oil to add to Diego's diet, and gives your pooch a great boost of omega 3's and other nutrients. This is the perfect gift for your own pooch, or a friend's dog as a lot of people don't think to supplement their dogs diet, and this is the perfect product to introduce new nutrients into their dogs diet.

Kong Wobbler
One of our favourite boredom busters! Diego is absolutely in love with this toy, and I find it the perfect way to slow down his eating and encourage him to scavenge a bit more. It's great for all sizes of dogs, and even once they are used to it, still takes them time to get every piece of kibble out of. This is a great gift for Christmas as they are a bit pricey, but well worth every dollar.

Planet Dog Snoop
Another amazing boredom buster! We only recently got this and Diego has been crazy about it ever since. In the same theme as the Kong Wobbler, you put kibble in it and they have to work to get it out. This provides endless entertainment and can be made harder as your dog gets used to it. Diego also uses it as a chew toy afterwards, and can play fetch with it and it stands up to his constant chewing. They also provide replacements if your dog manages to chew through their products.

Daisy's Doggy Deli
Our favourite small New Zealand based treat business! Suzanne is amazing, and is super accommodating to all your dogs needs and preferences. She makes a range of treats, and all of them are as great as the next. Diego goes crazy for all her treats, and you don't have to feel bad feeding them as they are natural with no preservatives or nasties. I have gifted these to multiple people this year and everyone has said only great things.

This was originally posted on our old website on December 9th 2017

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